Silver and two bronze medals

silver and two bronze medals

At the german open with 554 kickboxers from seven countries it meant a hard work for all fighters of the taekwon-do department pommersfelden to reach a podium position. Especially for mallika maliwan, who competed in an international tournament again after a long time. She fought her way through to the semifinals, but then had to admit clear defeat to ella boro. But mallika maliwan was very satisfied with third place, even though she knows that she still has a lot of training ahead of her if she is to make it to the top again internationally.
David herzog competed in both the seniors and the juniors – the latter mainly in order to qualify for the junior national squad – and took it in his stride that he had to fight many energy-sapping fights. First herzog had to fight in the senior category and immediately convinced with a victory over the hessian kevin trebing. After that the pommersfeldener eliminated rozman milos to compete again with timmy sarantouitis, whom he had last faced at the german championships. This time david herzog showed a good performance again, but the revenge for the defeat failed: timmy sarantouitis was in some actions always a tick faster than david herzog and it was clear that he has more fighting experience. Despite the new defeat herzog proved that he has shortened the gap quite a bit and was finally happy about place 3.

The wear and tear is too great

after a short break david herzog had to fight again in the juniors and after a walk-through he had can caya from austria against him. In this fight it went over both rounds full to the point, because can caya inspired by the victory of the first fight now also wanted to kick david herzog literally out of the race. But also the pommersfeldener wanted to reach the semifinals, fought at the limit and was rewarded with the victory.
One round further he met the strong hungarian tuykoti mate. In this fight the two regular rounds were not enough, because mate managed to equalize in the last second. So 60 seconds of extra time had to decide the race. Here, too, both fighters gave their all, but herzog landed the winning punch, which earned him the recognition of the hungarian.
The wear and tear on his strength became noticeable in the final. Against dominik meyer he was only one point behind at the end of the first round. But herzog was too slow in some actions and had to allow points of the opponent in own counters. When herzog got cramps in his left leg, the fight seemed to be over. After a short break he tried everything to make up for the two point deficit, but in the end neither time nor strength was enough to leave the mat as the winner. Herzog, however, had nothing to reproach himself for and was quite satisfied with 2nd place.

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Donation for first responders

Wolfgang harnauer, fire department commander and responsible for the "first responders", was pleased in hafenpreppach. He received 500 euros at the annual meeting of the voccawind fire department, presented by second-in-command sven junger.
"First-responder" is an institution that is used in bavaria for "first aiders" stands for first organized aid after traffic accidents or other accidents with personal injury, before the rescue service arrives. To the "first-responders are usually specially trained in paramedics or rescue services.
The fire department’s meeting place is the "bud’n voccawind." the money for the donation was also collected there. Wolfgang hanauer, who, together with three other "first-responders", was one of the first to be invited to the event-the generous contribution of the firefighters and their helpers. He explained the tasks of the first responders as a first responder in the rescue structure of the market town of maroldsweisach.

Life-saving help

mayor wolfram thein (SPD) also echoed hanauer’s thanks and pointed out that fast help in accidents can sometimes save lives. Thein also praised the donors and paid tribute to the firefighters from voccawind.
The new leadership of the fire department association was elected at the annual general meeting as scheduled. With tanja rockert, a woman now strengthens the management team. Thanks and respect went to wolfgang jung, who is leaving the board after 24 years of service. A look was taken at the upcoming festivities for the 40th anniversary of the voccawind fire department association. On 4. And 5. May this festival will be celebrated.

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Design award for coburg female students

Design award for Coburg female students

The team of sarah luthke, erika schuberth, lisa visintainer, lisa weinfurtner and bianka wilk prevailed against competitors from all over europe. The success of the coburg students is rounded off by another placement "runners-up": with benjamin bartke, michael biebl and paulina mecik. The theme of this year's competition was "hotel design for the staff". The winning quintet flew to london for the awards ceremony and gala dinner at the end of november and were guests of the british competition organizers reardonsmith architects. An unforgettable experience and reward for hard creative work right at the beginning of the winter semester with various night shifts and concentrated idea generation.

The theme of this year's competition was "hotel design for the staff" – so not the design of the usual chocolate sides in the hotel such as guest rooms, reception, lobby or wellness, no, this time it was about the design of the staff area / back of house for the diverse staff in a 5-star hotel.
For the first time, designers are thinking about how people who work in the hotel, as service staff, chambermaids, doorman, concierge, at the front desk, security, administration, etc., should be treated. Provide top performance around the clock to ensure that the guests' stay at the hotel is as pleasant as possible. The positive interaction of an appropriate and supportive interior design in the background with motivated employees behind the scenes of a hotel – that was a real challenge for the students. The prize winners mastered this by designing a floor plan that optimizes all work processes and at the same time creates free space for well-being. In addition to the necessary rooms such as changing rooms, staff restaurant, kitchen, training room and laundry, this floor plan includes other facilities that positively influence communication and working atmosphere. For example, the students planned a recreation lounge, a smoking area, a kindergarten and a fitness room, which fit perfectly into the concept of optimized workflows. Light, acoustics, atmosphere and individual identity-creating ambience describe the design facilities.

The award-winning work impressively demonstrates how much basic preparation and professional teaching support pay off: right at the start of the winter semester, the entire 7. In the second semester of interior design, the students had the opportunity to attend a workshop lasting several days with external professionals from the top design office JOI-design in hamburg, corinna kretschmar-johnk, and the hotel competence center in oberschleibheim, managing director christian peter, and to take an in-depth look at the requirements, conditions and necessities of hotel personnel. Professor rudolf schricker from the interior design program organized the workshops, accompanied the design seminars and facilitated the students' participation in the competition.

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Organ must be renovated

The partial renovation of the old school as part of village renewal, broadband expansion, a new fire truck for 2020 at the earliest, new playground equipment, the conversion of street lighting to LED and friendly landscaping around the treading pool were on the list of mayor armin warmuth (CSU) for the district of feuerthal. This lovely wine town has also seen something of the rise in tourism from the bavarian gourmet town of hammelburg. The number of vacant lots in feuerthal and interest in new construction there is quite manageable, he said.

In the inn schultheis met the feuerthaler on wednesday evening to the well-attended citizen meeting. Local spokesman jurgen armbruster (no party affiliation) praised the great interest in this event: "instead of sitting outside at the barbecue, one squeezes oneself into the hall sweating in these high temperatures". The last citizens’ meeting had taken place three years ago. Warmuth confirmed: "the citizens’ meetings in feuerthal were always well attended.

"Why have almost all the playground equipment been removed in the middle of the season?", a local resident wanted to know. These devices at the playground could surely not all be broken at the same time. Those gathered were also interested in the water supply and drinking water quality.

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Niebel: pay attention to origin when buying gifts

Niebel: pay attention to origin when buying gifts

"Especially before christmas, you should think about how products are made and whether other people are exploited in the process," niebel said in an interview with dpa. "Whoever buys a t-shirt for 99 cents must know that not much of this money will reach the manufacturer."But such aspects should also play a role when buying electronic devices or other gifts.

At the same time, the minister appealed to the industry to provide better information about the production conditions in its supplier factories. After the recent fire disasters in asian low-wage countries, consumers in germany have become more attentive, he said. "The industry must create more transparency before future christmas. This benefits sales of the company’s own products, the image of the company and the people who are employed in the production chain." fires in bangladesh and pakistan recently killed more than 350 textile workers.

Niebel called for the production conditions of goods to be made clear through quality seals and certificates. "At present, it is not always easy to determine whether goods come from a production facility where social standards or environmental standards are observed."The FDP politician admitted, however, that even with certificates there is no one hundred percent certainty.

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Change within the league: hartsch takes over mainbernheim

change within the league: hartsch takes over mainbernheim

It has been clear for some time that his time at SV hoheim, a soccer club in the district class, is coming to an end. Back in october, markus hartsch reported that his players would like to see a change in the coaching position: "the boys want to hear a different approach, just try something different for a change." after six years, this decision was understandable and no problem for the 57-year-old. "I felt really comfortable in hoheim, but I’m also really looking forward to the new task", says hartsch.

What his new task will be is now clear: starting next season, hartsch will coach TSV mainbernheim, which is also based in wurzburg’s kreisklasse 2 (district 2). "I had several offers", says the kitzinger. The reason he chose TSV is "a very simple story: I trained around 15 players from mainbernheim when they were young. The future trainer also knows the rest of the team very well.

For the club, the decisive factor was that hartsch "has been responsible for successful soccer and continuity in the coaching position for many years" stand. This is confirmed by the trainer. "I’m now in my sixth year at hoheim, i was also on the sidelines in altenschonbach for several years." thomas bergner currently coaches TSV, but will leave the club at his own request, according to the statement.

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The laudators pay their thanks and respect to the field jurors

The laudators pay their thanks and respect to the field jurors

The annual general meeting of the field jury association forchheim was once again exceptionally well attended at the DJK weingarts sports home. Chairman bernhard mehl welcomed representatives from politics and various offices among the numerous guests of honor. The farmers’ association was represented by district farmer rosi kraus.

"Hospitality is a must for us, mayor konrad ochs (CSU) humorously emphasized on behalf of all his colleagues in his greeting to the jury members. He thanked them for their services. In the same vein, district administrator hermann ulm (CSU) expressed his thanks and respect. At the same time, he announced that the working group of the field jury association of upper franconia (argeof) had decided at its annual meeting to recommend an increase in the fee rates by 2.50 euros to 13 euros for the field jurors and by three euros to 14 euros for the head jurors. The district committee will approve the increase to 1. January 2020 and also recommend it to the county council. The increase is symbolic; for field jurors, honorary service is paramount, and there is agreement on that point.

The association has a total of 600 members, 430 of whom are active. Bernhard mehl was pleased about the fact that with manuela hermann from affalterthal a secretary could be found again and so the board is complete again. The previous secretary steffi sporlein left the board two years ago, after she had been transferred to erlangen on business.

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Art with the chainsaw

Strolling, enjoying music, looking, meeting people, raising money for the civic foundation. With the winkelmarkt, schlusselfeld’s historic marketplace will be transformed into an eating, drinking and meeting mile. At 10 o’clock starts the market hustle and bustle around the schlusselfeld marketplace. As every year, visitors can expect a colorful program of entertaining and informative activities and events, according to a press release from the city of schlusselfeld.

After last year’s success, a raffle will be held again this year. The proceeds will be donated to the "burgerstiftung" of the city of schlusselfeld, which supports citizens who are in financial need through no fault of their own. The foundation also supports targeted individual measures for children and young people as well as social projects in schools, kindergartens and youth welfare facilities. Raffle tickets can be purchased in the hut of the community foundation. All prizes can be taken home on sunday. The main prizes are a voucher from the travel agency of the raiffeisenbank ebrachgrund, a driving safety training course from the ADAC and fuel vouchers from the morelo company.

Pony rides and live baking

The "pferdefreunde schlusselfeld" offer pony riding for children on the meadow at the town gate. Johanniter unfall-hilfe offers measurements of blood sugar, blood pressure and body fat. The meeting place "unter den linden with second-hand store is open. A colorful children’s program is offered by the diakoniestation dreifrankeneck at its information booth. Wild bull riding for young and old with prizes for the best performance of the day at optik amann. The city bakery ley shows how delicious doughnuts and quark balls are made during traditional live baking. Entertainment music with "who’s that" rounds off the program.

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Peter kretzer: a “phenomenon with 95

Murder in Berlin's Tiergarten - life sentence for 18-year-old

Almost ten months after the murder of an art historian in berlin's tiergarten, an 18-year-old has been sentenced to life in prison. The berlin regional court found him guilty of murder.

According to the report, the perpetrator, who is from chechnya, had surprisingly attacked, strangled and robbed the unsuspecting 60-year-old on her way home in september 2017. With small change and the cell phone of the strange woman he had fled. The court did not apply the more lenient juvenile penal code and complied with the prosecution's request.

The convicted man has a criminal record. He was already in prison for robbery. The 18-year-old – a russian national who was homeless and was supposed to be deported – had remained silent during the trial.

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Althausen live and in historical photos

Althausen live and in historical photos

Equipped with flashlights, a group of explorers didn’t let the rain stop them from learning more about this part of munnerstadt during a short evening tour of althausen. The tour took place within the framework of the series "oh! How beautiful is munnerstadt instead of.

With a great deal of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, joachim may presented the history and culture of his home village. Indeed, the old franconian houses and the remarkable sculptures in the light cone of the flashlights unfolded a special charm. In the darkness, everything seemed a bit mysterious, and by "feeling each other out", guido with the light beams, individual details could be perceived much more intensively than in daylight.

Church organ tuned

The architectural highlight of althausen is undoubtedly the church st. Cyriak, whose rococo interior was restored to its original state during the last renovation. The color scheme with light blue, green, pink and ochre decorative elements in the dominant white may seem unusual to today’s eyes and therefore unharmonious at first, but may was able to convincingly demonstrate that it was a coherent concept by the master builders of the 18th century. Century is all about. As a special treat, may, who works as an organist here, briefly tuned the church organ. This is one of only a few instruments by the famous wurzburg organ builder johann philipp seuffert (1693 to 1780) that is still largely in its original condition and therefore still sounds as it did 250 years ago.

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