Angelo strangia is an honest finder

Hinrich ruyter from kronach had a special experience last week. The member of the senior citizens’ association kronach stadt und land was on a senior citizens’ association mission in steinwiesen, where he went by bicycle. "Don’t wear long pants in this heat, he remembers taking his wallet, keys and handkerchief.

Bad surprise

on the way back to kronach, he made a short stop to quench his thirst in marktrodach with a cup of buttermilk. 20 minutes later he was at home – then the bad surprise: "the wallet is missing – the pocket was too small."
ruyter then called the supermarket in marktrodach, but no wallet was handed in there. The horror was as great as could be, as there were "well over 100 euros in the wallet". Ten minutes later, the surprise: the chairwoman of the senior citizens’ association, bianca fischer-kilian, calls him and tells him that his wallet is with her: "it was lying on a bridge in unterrodach. I have to go to kronach anyway, bring him by", she tells him. The wallet with money and all the cards as well as the senior citizens’ community ID card was back again. Ruyter’s joy was correspondingly great. "That was madness. I never expected this." but how did the wallet get to friesen?? "An angel from teuschnitz found him, on an ebike bike tour with his wife and friend", informs ruyter. He calls the finder an angel, not least because of his name angelo – angelo strangia from hablach near teuschnitz.

Senior community helps

strangia is on the road with his wife and friend dieter kaschub when they see the wallet in the middle of the bike path. In the wallet, you will find the contact details of the chairwoman fischer-kilian on a small card of the senior citizens’ association, who will then inform you and bring the wallet to her. "For me, it’s a matter of course", says strangia, who doesn’t have to think for a second about returning the wallet. "Otherwise i would only have a bad conscience,", he adds.
Of course, he and his friend dieter kaschub are well aware of the hassle of having to cancel credit cards or reapply for identity documents such as driver’s licenses after such a loss. "Money can’t pay for that", stresses strangia, whose friend kaschub adds: "we would also be happy if it happened to us the other way round."

Finder’s reward refused

for hinrich ruyter it would have been a matter of course to pay the finder an appropriate wage, not least for his honesty. After all, he wanted to make 50 euros. But no luck. "No, it is out of the question. At most a currywurst with fries", is the comment of strangia, as ruyter recalls. And so we finally meet in kronach for a little snack, to express a little appreciation after all. Although there was barely an hour between losing the wallet and getting it back, ruyter still finds it unbelievable to have received his wallet again.