At the kerwes cup in roth, bite strength, balance and aim were in demand

It was quite close between first and third place, because there was only a difference of four points.
Dominik krappmann, cashier with the winner team, was pleased about the title win: "we will present beautiful games next year, which will then also take place again at the fire station", he assured. Numerous spectators came to the kirchweih saturday in ideal weather conditions. Hosts were the ansbachtaler musikanten who had won this event last year. Eight teams of four collected points together and after hours of spirited competition, the winner was able to receive the challenge cup. The organization team had again come up with a number of ideas to ensure that there would be no boredom. The teams' first task was to eat a sweet pacifier attached to colorful strings as quickly as possible. In the next task, washers in various cups had to be transported with a spoon from a height of three meters. The cups had different points. In game three, the four players first had to wrap themselves with tape. Then had to go through a slalom course. Afterwards, weights had to be estimated correctly. The task was to fill bags as accurately as possible with three different weights (112, 224 and 415 grams) of sand. Here it became clear that this is not so easy without aids. Skill and a lot of feeling was needed in the last game. With a ruler in the mouth, a washer had to be balanced safely through a course into a money box.
Winner and the next year's organizer is the soldier comradeship. Second place, one point behind, were the men of FC fortuna, followed by the gesangverein. Afterwards, a sense of orientation was required for the cock stroke. Georg helm and daniel dillinger received prizes for their marksmanship. The visitors spent some enjoyable hours, first with the hit duo "edelmeer and with the band "tollhaus.