Aurach footpath: the csu is angry

It is to become an aurach promenade for cyclists and pedestrians and with seating directly on the river bank. One promises oneself an revaluation of the green course in the center of the city and is safe that the associated and badly criticized tree firings then also soon into oblivion fall.

The city councilors are basically in agreement with the planners on this point, and all are looking forward to the implementation of the measures, which are to begin soon, namely at the end of july. As mayor german hacker said at thursday’s meeting, the aurachtal area will be enhanced for recreationists, both in terms of design and ecology. Numerous new plantings, ranging from trees to flowering meadows, also contribute to this.

The CSU also agreed with the measures in general. Nevertheless the parliamentary group (nine present) refused. Because one was annoyed, namely over the ignoring of a suggestion, which had submitted walter drebinger before nearly one year. In the city council meeting at that time he was supported also by the SPD parliamentary group chairman curd blank.

"Total pity"

Both were concerned that at the eastern end an extra footpath should be created. Because there the footpath flows into the parking lot access road. There the passers-by must quasi on the road. One should change that, one had suggested at that time and had been also calmed in such a way that this desire should flow into the planning with (FT of the 20. July 2018: "A footpath still flows in"). Drebinger proposed at that time to continue a direct sidewalk next to the roadway to bahnhofsstrabe. Blank also saw it that way: "I was almost knocked down twice."

Eleven months later: the city council awarded the construction work, but drebinger missed the desired footpath. Although that had been promised, one did not consider it unfortunately. "Total pity" was also that one had been dismissed in the group meeting with the fact that later for the pedestrians simply a stripe would be asphalted and finished. Also its parliamentary group chairman bernhard schwab meant that one could require with a project in this order of magnitude (1.18 million euro) already nails with heads. Schwab also found it "simply a pity", that there would be no concession.

"Keeping the ball low

Mayor german hacker (SPD), on the other hand, said that the CSU was "in all friendship" – should keep the ball flat. One could put on along the playground also later still another 50 centimeters wide strip. The pedestrians would walk for decades there on the asphalt road. Because of this trifle one should not question the planning now. After all, there was an agreed resolution on which the tender was based.

Together with the CSU, the green party’s peter maier also rejected the idea, describing heavy bicycle traffic on the promenade as "not optimal" looked at. Thus the agreement in the city council took place finally with 18 to ten voices. The contract went to the raab company.