Fcn captain behrens laments: footballers can hardly speak their minds honestly anymore

According to nuremberg captain hanno behrens, professional soccer players can hardly speak their minds honestly in public these days. "This is primarily due to the increased media attention and also to social media. Every word is weighed in the balance", said behrens in an interview with t-online on tuesday.De published interview on the question what bothers him about professional soccer. "One is confronted even with statements that may have been made years ago. This leads to the fact that we players become cautious and inevitably authenticity is lost."

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His nuremberg teammate tim leibold also sees it that way. "You only have to think of the past. Such legendary interviews as oli kahn, lothar matthaus or stefan effenberg have given, you will not see nowadays in this form anymore. If you overshoot verbally, you get it back like a boomerang.", said leibold in the double interview with behrens.