Kissinger wolves: an evening to forget

Kissinger wolves – EHC konigsbrunn 1:2 (0:1, 1:1, 0:0).

There are evenings like this. Evenings when the passes just don’t arrive. On which the defender slips away at the decisive moment. On which the puck still grazes the stick of the opposing defender when passing to the teammate ready to shoot in. The kissinger wolves had such an evening against the EHC konigsbrunn. A defeat against a not exactly outstanding opponent.

It had started quite well. The bad kissingen team, which was missing igor filobok due to his job as well as the injured players, tried to put pressure on the goal of ex-wolf donatas zukovas. But early on the dilemma became apparent: the kissinger often lost the disc in front of the konigsbrunn goal; the opposing team, which had only 13 players, counterattacked. And that looked more dangerous than the attacks of the home team.

Benny dirksen in top form

The opening goal of the guests (7.) did not come from a counterattack. Pascal rentel was beautifully played by hayden trupp; four wolves players around it penned. Rentel himself seemed surprised that the puck went in. The deficit shocked the kissinger. Konigsbrunn had more chances, but goalie benny dirksen proved to be wide awake. In this phase, the wolves could hardly get out of their own third. If that succeeded, then the attacks seemed overhasty and haphazardly. Nevertheless, it could have been 1:1 after 16 minutes, but anton zimmer failed after a great pass from mikhail nemirovsky to zukovas and the post.

The second period began as the first had ended. Konigsbrunn booked two great chances – and shot dirksen slowly but surely famous. The wolfe defenders made catastrophic cross passes in front of their own goal – still without any consequences. Fatal, however, proved to be in the 32. In the 22nd minute a lost duel to the side of dirksen’s goal. Konigsbrunn’s jeffrey szwez scored from the thick of it to make it 0:2.

In the consequence another weakness of the kissinger showed up on this evening: the uberzahlspiel. Even a double two-minute penalty for dominic auger brought hardly chances and certainly no connecting goal. That fell then nevertheless, and indeed five seconds before the expiration of a further penalty against the brunnenstadter. Christian masel had played mikhail nemirovsky, who passed into the middle to anton seewald. The executed. A glimmer of hope, no more. For the wolves remained vulnerable at the back.

Bad kissingen struggled in the third period; konigsbrunn again created the better chances, but repeatedly failed to score against benny dirksen. Three minutes before the end, nemirovsky put all his eggs in one basket: the kissingen paradestorm was sent onto the ice, with the kissingen player-coach, anton zimmer and anton seewald, and an additional outfield player came in for goalkeeper dirksen. The opportunity seemed favorable because konigsbrunn’s auger had to serve a two-minute penalty. But a goal jumped out no more; almost still konigsbrunn scored.

Wolves chairman michael rosin was served in the press conference: "we have not found over 60 minutes at all into the game. The miss rate was far too high, the chance exploitation accordingly lousy, the overtime game. Nothing at all worked out in the back and in the front."

The game given away

Rosin was particularly annoyed because the other playoff competitors had played for bad kissingen and they had given away the six-point game. One could simply tick off the game. Guest responsible benny lauer, in substitution of EHC coach sven rampf, found its team somewhat better than the wolves, fighter good and einsatzfreudiger. In the first period, the rump troop of konigsbrunn could have already made two, three goals more. Bad kissingen also had some high-caliber opportunities that they would not have taken advantage of.

With maxim kryvorutskyy the kissinger wolves present to the end of the transfer window nevertheless still another new entry. The 16-year-old, born in nuremberg, played in the german schoolboy league for the EV fussen and most recently in toronto, canada. According to michael rosin, the contact came about through player coach nemirovsky. After the elimination in the playoffs the striker with the wolves will play the season to the end. "He will certainly need a few more games until he grows into the team." in terms of height, weight and age, he could not be as far ahead as a seasoned first-team player. The beginnings were however good.