Markus kubrich is the new shooting king

The junior shooter markus kubrich secured himself the title of shooting king in nordhalben this year . After one accomplished the proclamation in the past year on-line, could take place this year under application of the safety precautions the delivery again as usual with a common schutzenessen. With the proclamation carried out, one comes then also again into the usual rhythm.

The sociable round showed itself united despite competition at the shooting and was particularly taken with the honorary targets. Carina scherbel from neufang had conjured four super animal motifs with outstanding colors on the round wooden discs.

Last year's winner jonas ruf and manuel potzl are standing by the side of the new shooting king markus kubrich as knights. For the first time, luca stengel won the title of young rifleman king ahead of christian brehm as knight. Straw queen was marie-therese wunder and the honorary disc went to manuel potzl. The master series secured itself as in the previous year with a super achievement daniel strohlein. The best eagle low shot put down schutzenmeister harald miracle.

Club champion with the air rifle markus kubrich and with the air pistol harald miracle became. In the youth club championship, christian brehm left no stone unturned and secured the trophy with both the air rifle and the air pistol .

Two ascents possible

Shooting master harald wunder took the proclamation as an opportunity to report on the round competitions. Last year, for example, they had to be abandoned after three rounds because of corona. Both teams were ranked second in their respective classes. According to the current status, both teams, the 1. Team in the A-class and the 2. Team in the B-class in each case on the 1. Table place. If one should be able to hold this, two ascents would be possible.