New beginning: choir community goes on extended summer break

New beginning: choir community goes on extended summer break

This year’s summer serenade of the astheim men’s choral society (MGV) was marked by farewells. On the one hand the choir community wants to reorganize itself after the summer break. On the other hand, choir director irene kratzig laid down the baton after ten years of intensive work with the men’s and women’s choir. Flowers, gifts and much praise accompanied the ceremony.

In his laudation, board member fred binzenhofer regretted the departure of the conductor. Despite his profession and additional choir conducting activities with two other choirs, kratzig had agreed at the time to take over the direction of the two astheim choirs. All in all, it was about 50 weeks with about 1200 hours of choir rehearsals (without public performances), in which they rehearsed new songs, taught the singers choir feeling and made the association the cultural carrier of the small community. "Your commitment, your love of choral singing and your loyalty to the mannergesangverein ran like a thread through all the years of your work," binzenhofer said in praise of the conductor’s dedication.

Paul werner, chairman of the mainschleife singing group, praised kratzig’s optimistic attitude and his great commitment over the past ten years. They had formed a choir that was certainly worth hearing and seeing. Regarding the community’s last performance for the time being, he encouraged those responsible not to simply throw the long tradition overboard, but to resume active singing under a new choir director after a period of reorientation.

Werner also honored elisabeth binzenhofer, maria sauer, gertrud stobel, erika submann and carola rudolph with certificates from the franconian singers’ association and silver loyalty pins for 25 years of active choral singing. For his services to the MGV, his role model function and his loyalty to choral singing, fred binzenhofer was appointed honorary member of the association.

Deputy mayor reinhold reichl also thanked irene kratzig, who had led both choirs with energy and a lot of heart and soul for a decade, motivating them and guiding them to success. The singers would have brought joy to all performances and sacrificed a lot of free time to do so. There was also praise for the passive comrades-in-arms, who had supported the association ideally and financially.

Chairman roger schmidt, who had welcomed the guests at the beginning, went into detail about the choirs’ last performance for the time being. Like the board members before his time, he had not succeeded in integrating young, active junior staff. However, a small group has formed that wants to meet once a month – but without planning any public performances. One could therefore speak of a finding phase, in which the further development is open.

That music has a higher expressiveness than words became clear with the following contributions. Popular renditions such as "the little barque in the wind," the hawaiian "aloha he," the tarantella "where almond trees bloom" and the oldies "marina" and "homesick" were not only tunes with heart and summertime reveries, but also tributes to home and love.