Surprise lurks in second place

It was foreseeable that vfr bibergau as relegated and title candidate would march in front right from the start. But that the first pursuer comes from the direct neighborhood, but not. In fact, another dettelbach team, DJK effeldorf, has seven points on its account and continues to be undefeated. However, those responsible are under no illusions. Only one coup they would like to land.

A little greater accuracy from the penalty spot was missing, and it might even have been all nines. Because in the duel with the reserve of SG buchbrunn-mainstockheim, the effeldorfer afforded themselves the luxury of giving away two penalties at once. Only raphael hellerberg converted and ensured with the third penalty of the game for the bemerl-elf at least a partial success. Even though more would have been possible, the reds remained unbeaten, which they still are after three games. Because after the opening victory against the schwarzacher second, the DJK also won against the small settlers. "This start was not to be expected in this form," DJK team manager sebastian bohm is also somewhat surprised. "Especially because the preparation was anything but smooth."

In addition to unexpectedly many absences due to professional and private obligations fell during the preparation phase moreover several high performers away. Sebastian bohm himself suffered a torn muscle fiber. Thorsten maag was seriously injured and will not be available for a longer period of time, as well as paul erk, who is now working at the customs in hamburg. Max niedermeyer went to cologne. With david bohm, who left a very positive impression, however, only one new face came along. "The team was already noticeably decimated," said the supervisor. Even in the test matches, only one success was achieved against the same-class FT wurzburg.

Even at the beginning of the season, there was hardly any improvement in sight, the prospects were anything but rosy. Nevertheless, the effeldorf team got off to a flying start, which bohm attributes primarily to the team’s unity. "We don’t have enough players at the moment to play with anything like the same lineup every week. So far, a different eleven has been on the pitch in all three games," the official knows about the difficulties his coach gerhard bemerl has in putting together the squad. For the current situation is mainly at the expense of the second team. Nevertheless, bohm hopes to be able to keep the reserve team in the game for the entire season. For it one will do everything in the dettelbacher local part.

The success of the first team, which after three games is now the closest rival to its neighbor bibergau, is therefore all the more pleasing. The relegated team merely scored more often. But bohm is also very pleased with the five goals the reds have scored so far: "the boys are showing great courage and are making the most of the opportunities they have at the front."Defensively, too, the effeldorf team has been very stable so far. The only two goals conceded, both in buchbrunn, came after individual mistakes. Despite the constant changes, the team is functioning and one cog is meshing with the other.

After higher than a secured midfield place strive however neither players nor responsible persons. "We have now, only because it runs straight very well, no increased expectation attitude. We are just happy about the current standings," the official says realistically. It would be nice, however, if the highs could continue for a while longer, if possible until the end of september. Then the big neighborhood duel against relegated bibergau, which the effeldorfer would like to annoy, is on the agenda. "That would be the icing on the cake, of course," bohm admits. And the best way to do that, of course, is in a top match.