The franconian day was a guest in glosberg

"Can the church bats delay or prevent our church renovation??", andreas martin asked, adding that in the past there had been bats during renovations. These had then temporarily flown away and were also back again after a construction measure.
This was also confirmed by roofer theo porzelt: "I don't see any difficulties with bats during the roof renovation". Father waldemar brysch informed the audience that the animal welfare authorities had wanted to prohibit the roof renovation between may and august.
Architect kersten schottner had then suggested a partition wall in the roof area of the church, so that the bats do not notice anything of the construction site. This, he said, ensured that work could be done on the roof between may and august and that the bats would not cause a delay in construction.
The church reorganization spoke also robert baehr again: "I do not understand, with such a fundamental church reorganization that the retaining wall, which is an eyesore in the place, cannot be taken along."
"There is a simple answer to that", replied father waldemar. Archdiocese does not subsidize church retaining wall renovation".
The clergyman added: "because we are already dependent on generous donations for our own share of the church renovation, we cannot shoulder the renovation of the wall around the church as well.", explained the parish administrator. Unless the city has the money. But here the mayor waved off.