Trees in forchheim’s eisenbahnstrasse are to come down

The roads around the small park between eisenbahnstrasse and klosterstrasse are bumpy, wavy and absolutely broken, says werner schaup of the civil engineering office. "These are the worst streets in forchheim." the city renovates the "gateway to the city" therefore completely. In may, the excavators will roll in and replace the cobblestones with an asphalt surface. The city council has actually already given the building project the go-ahead. On the condition that the trees are preserved. Now werner schaup wants to cut down a complete row of trees along eisenbahnstrasse after all. Why? Because the nearly 20 trees were in a miserable condition and would not survive the construction work anyway.

Herbert fuchs from the garden department wants to save a few healthy trees from the excavators and replant them elsewhere. The majority of the trees, however, is hardly to save. For this turn of events in the "causa baume the city administration wanted to get the approval in the main and culture committee on wednesday. Edith fieber, sabine dittrich (both green), anita kern and lisa hoffmann (both SPD) initially rubbed their eyes in surprise at the turnaround. "You could have known that in december", said lisa hoffmann. Sabine dittrich also did not want to sacrifice the trees now, after they had been given special protection when the decision was made to renovate the road.

Udo schonfelder (CSU), on the other hand, does not find the sight of the trees very "pleasant", and manfred hummer believes the trees have had a "miserable existence" for the last 20 years refreshed.

Park trees are not threatened

hans-werner eisen (CSU) walks past the trees every day and thinks of his father, who would have said: "knock down the cripples"." the town also wants to cut down the row of trees and give the new trees a better chance to develop in the future. Herbert fuchs also wants to remove all the trees and create a uniform new alley row. By the way, the large shade trees in the park are not threatened by the axe. The final decision lies with the city council.