3:0 Leads the vce to the top

3:0 leads the VCE to the top

Milan maric, relieved after the match, coined only one sentence that contained all his emotions: "we have found our way in this game." with 3:0 (25:22, 25:21, 25:21), the reigning champion of the 2. Volleyball-liga sud, the VC eltmann, its predecessor SV fellbach.
375 spectators in eltmann had been expecting a tough fight and a long evening, and were then surprised when the match point came after 81 minutes. The oshino volleys had jumped several levels during this time and had returned to where many had not expected them to be so quickly – they are the new league leaders. After the cup-elimination the team showed, as after the opening defeat in mainz, that they can fully motivate themselves from within. And the words of self-criticism from captain sebastian richter fell on fertile ground, as everyone went into the encounter against the team of brazilian and ex-elmanner thiago welter highly motivated.
Merten kruger& co. Led quickly with 8:3. The "red pack fellbach was surprised and impressed, eltmann pulled away to 19:10. But then fellbach showed its class and came up to 20:17. But schippmann and richter scored important points for the oshinos, who won the first set point with a wonderful block at 24:18. But only the fourth sat through a mistake by the fellbacher. In the second, the key set of the match, it remained close for a long time. After a really first-class rally, the guests took the lead with 19:18. But captain sebastian richter kept his nerves, equalized at 19:19. It remained highly exciting before the VCE pulled away with 24:21 and mircea peta finished the set with a lot of force for 2:0. That was probably the preliminary decision. The oshino volleys quickly raced out to a 5-0 lead in the third period, held the advantage until 10:5 and extended it to 19:12.

Schippmann most valuable player

impressive performance by timon schippmann, who fought like a lion for every ball, now plays with more variety than in the previous year and was rightly awarded his second gold medal as the most valuable player in the eltmann jersey. When peta and richter scored further important points after 20:15, fellbach’s resistance was finally broken. The match point at 25:17 was an impressive block, which underlined the united team performance of the eltmann oshinos, where everyone was there for everyone else.
Next saturday, the high level of play continues as the team from delitzsch plays host to the top-ranked team in eltmann’s georg schafer hall, as eltmann is once again proud to say. In delitzsch this time there was also a great fight after exactly 81 minutes of play (as in eltmann), but in the end a 0:3 home defeat, because there the schwaiger got the frustration from the home defeat against the oshino volleys off their chest. For the eltmanners, it will be a matter of seamlessly continuing the top performance against fellbach and once again demonstrating team unity.
VC eltmann: richter; kessel, novak, engel, peta, kolbe, schmitt, kruger, nurnberger, kellermann, spath, werner, schippmann