A gipsy team is further along

Dc gipsy ebern V missed the surprise in the cup eighth final against schwabach. The ebern dart players had to admit defeat with 4:8. Although with daniel schneider, andreas spindler, dominik hofmann and captain michael regus experienced forces were at the start, they could never take the lead.
Ebern was already trailing 2:4 after the first singles and doubles block despite good performances. Already before the last doubles the course was set in favor of the guests at the intermediate score of 4:6. The last two doubles also went to the schwabach team, who, along with dc gipsy ebern II, are co-favorites to win the cup.
The "second" from ebern made amends against bad windsheim. She met old acquaintances from the national league and also knew how to assess her opponents. The team from ebern started with the bavarian league players dominik ulrich, sascha schneider, mirko hornlein and rainer drebel. The ebern team did impressive justice to its favored position in the first block, when only one single was lost. After the score was 5:1, only two points were missing for the victory.
However, hornlein and ulrich lost the next singles matches. Drebel also missed the match point in his singles match unfortunately. At the end, however, the eberners remembered their double strength, which they also always show in the bavarian league, and left nothing more to be desired.