A spanish man from kups for the eu: kronach spd proposes carlos abad as european candidate

"I want to use all my strength to ensure that the successes of european unification are not rolled back." it is one of those phrases that carlos abad says with the conviction of a man who has been fighting against nationalism for many years and whose own life story is an international one.

"Unlike most germans, i have consciously chosen to live in germany three or four times over other options", says the 56-year-old, whom the kronach district SPD presented as its candidate for the next european elections in may 2019 during a press conference on friday.

Board unanimously supports

"the county board unanimously supports the proposal", explains ralf pohl. "Carlos abad brings his know-how in economics and can also work productively in the eu parliament because of his vita", says the district chairman about the 56-year-old, who serves on the district executive as foreigners’ representative and is a member of the district executive, where he is active as a member of the europe working group.

Abad has an interesting curriculum vitae: as a child of guest workers, the spaniard came to frankfurt/main at the age of eight. While 23 other family members who also lived in germany went back home, he stayed here and studied economics in frankfurt.
He then worked for 18 years as a manager in international trade, which is why he frequently changed his place of residence. "I have nothing against traveling, always find new places exciting", says abad, who has been to india about 70 times.

At some point, however, his daughter was no longer willing to go along with the whole thing. "She said, "I have to move on my own", abad remembers a prepubescent statement made by the now 23-year-old. In addition, the SPD candidate has an 18-year-old son with his german wife.

Staying in the kronach area

so abad stayed in the kronach area, where he was working at the time. At first, the family lived in ziegelerden; for the last six years, in kups. Abad has changed industries and teaches at the university of hof as a lecturer for spanish and economics.

"My resume shows that foreigners have opportunities in germany." in the third, fourth class, abad hardly spoke german, but then was lucky. "I had good teachers who worked hard for me." but he knows: "there are also problems to be balanced."

if he got into the eu parliament, he would speak in three languages – german, english and spanish. He joined the SPD in frankfurt in 1989, when – as he says – the mayoral campaign took on racist overtones. "I see myself as a voice against nationalism. A sense of home must not turn into nationalism", says abad.

The most important topics of the spanish from kups: he would like to improve europe’s cultural and economic relations with the indian subcontinent and with latin america and to use his economic expertise. "The internal market works, but must be supplemented by social aspects." abad is also an advocate of european unification: "the eu is coming off far too badly. European peace is the greatest achievement we have."

The path of the SPD candidates to europe

federal list although top candidates are advertised, officially there is no direct election. The voter ticks the federal list of a party. Whoever has a good place on the list there has good opportunities.

Upper franconia until july, preliminary questions run in the SPD local and district associations, then a sub-district council elects representatives for the district council in september. There the candidate election then takes place.