Already five unlawful deportations since the beginning of the year

Already five unlawful deportations since the beginning of the year

In addition to the islamist sami A. Authorities have already unlawfully deported four more foreigners this year.

This is the result of an answer given by the federal ministry of the interior to a question posed by margarete bause, a member of the green party’s parliament, and obtained by the deutsche presse-agentur. In all cases, "the necessary administrative acts were not yet enforceable," the ministry writes. The figures refer to the status 8. August. Since then, there has been one more deportation flight to afghanistan.

The increase since the beginning of the year is striking. The federal government is not aware of any unlawful deportations in 2015 and 2016, and of two cases in 2017. The people concerned were deported to their countries of origin: nigeria, afghanistan, kosovo, morocco, zimbabwe, china and tunisia.

"All of us in the federal government naturally see it as our duty to act in accordance with the rule of law and to act thoroughly," government spokesman steffen seibert emphasized. Federal interior ministry spokeswoman eleonore petermann acknowledged, "every single case is bad, without question."But she also reminded the audience that the federal states are primarily responsible for deportations, even though federal police officers accompany the flights.

From the case of a recent wrongful deportee to afghanistan, it was learned that in the future "comparisons with ongoing legal proceedings" should be carried out, said petermann. Nasibullah S. Has been back in germany since last weekend. The 20-year-old was one of the 69 people who were arrested on. The deportees were deported on the occasion of the 60th birthday of federal minister of the interior horst seehofer (CSU).

The backgrounds of the individual cases should be worked up, petermann promised. One possible explanation for the recent increase in the number of cases could be the overall rise in the number of deportations.

However, the figures do not prove this. In 2015, 20.888 people deported, compared to 25 in 2016.375 people and a total of 23 in 2017.966. From january to june of the current year there were 12.261 deportations, as shown in each case by answers given by the federal government to queries from the left-wing parliamentary group.

According to its own information, the federal government "immediately repatriated" five of the seven people unlawfully deported in 2017/18; in three of these cases, the people concerned have already re-entered germany, in the other two they have not yet done so.

"In two other cases, no decision has yet been made on repatriation," writes the federal interior ministry. According to additional information from the ministry, one of them is sami A., who must now also be brought back to germany following a ruling by the north rhine-westphalian higher administrative court on thursday.

The other case involves a member of the uyghur muslim minority who was arrested on 3. April was sent back to china, even though a decision on his application for asylum had not yet been made. Germany is now trying to get the 23-year-old back, but does not know where he is.

"The fact that the federal government has not yet made a decision on repatriation in two out of seven cases is an insult to those affected and a poor testimony to our constitutional state," complained luise amtsberg, the refugee policy spokeswoman of the green parliamentary group. The managing director of pro asyl, gunter burkhardt, demanded: "especially in the afghanistan cases, the state interior ministers must ensure that no injustice is done here."

The growing number is a cause for concern, explained her party colleague bause, who is also spokeswoman for human rights and humanitarian aid. "The fact that authorities ignore ongoing proceedings or disregard court rulings calls into question the fundamental principles of our democratic constitutional state. We must not take this lightly." she expects a ruthless analysis of errors from the federal government and the federal states.