Attempted murder at firefighters’ festival near wurzburg – not the first attack by the suspect

The victim of an attempted murder at the firefighters’ festival in euerhausen near giebelstadt (wurzburg district) is on the road to recovery. "His condition is stable, he is responsive" police spokeswoman katrin thamm said monday when asked about the case.

The 55-year-old farmer from the neighboring village of wolkshausen had been shot in the back on saturday while he was watching a showdown of tractors with other spectators. His 70-year-old neighbor is strongly suspected of firing the shot at close range.

Arrest warrant issued for attempted murder

the suspect was arrested at his home shortly after and is in custody. At a screening on sunday morning, the investigating judge issued an arrest warrant for attempted murder.

According to a joint press statement from police and prosecutors, investigators have "a projectile" secured. This suggests that the perpetrator used a firearm – rather than a bolt gun, as witnesses initially claimed to have seen it.

There had been a dispute between the neighbors for some time

there had been a long-running dispute between the suspect, who lives alone, and the victim’s family, say half a dozen witnesses in the pair’s hometown. The 70-year-old is said to have strangled the victim’s wife about two years ago, according to mutual acquaintances.

Suspect has been on trial before

research by the editors confirms this: the attempted murder almost didn’t happen at all. For under slightly different circumstances, the suspect would instead be currently serving the prison sentence for an earlier attack for which he was already in the dock in may 2016.

When asked, thorsten seebach, spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office, confirmed tersely: "criminal proceedings are pending against the alleged perpetrator", in which there had already been a conviction. But the proceedings – which have been occupying the judiciary for some time now – were still ongoing.

He was charged with dangerous bodily harm in combination with threat, says rainer beckmann, spokesman for the wurzburg district court, when asked. However, the verdict – eight months imprisonment without probation – was not legally binding. The case went to appeal – and dragged on for a full two years until now. The reason for this is that the suspect, who is known to be a loner, repeatedly evaded an expert who was supposed to examine his mental condition, according to judicial circles.

But a new trial date was soon scheduled: on 19. July, in five weeks, the case should be heard, confirms michael schaller, spokesman for the wurzburg regional court. After the arrest of the suspect on saturday, the trial was canceled – the 70-year-old is in custody, so now would be time and opportunity for an expert opinion.

"I stab you!" – dispute between two groups in wurzburg escalates
meanwhile the investigations continue. With the investigation of the seized projectile the kripo is supported by the forensic institute of the bavarian national criminal investigation department. Currently, in addition to technical investigations, numerous interrogations of eyewitnesses are underway.

Manfred schweidler