Burgstall can count on its junior church workers

After the 43 local buschen and madle had brought the two trees from the galgenhofer forest to the fairground, the crowns were decorated by the offspring and proud mamas and papas.

"We have never been so many, this is a record this year", explained chairman jurgen hoffmann on saturday afternoon with a view to the singing kerwa boys. Then it was: "the new generation to mr. Nussel", already with the small ones the walter.

For the first time this year, the one-year "ortsburschla" was held kilian still on his mother’s arm, but next year, like three-year-old greta, he will be attaching the colorful ribbons.

The meeting of the 17 children was not only for the photo session, but also for the briefing. "Everything listen to me, when you hear the whistle, it’s listen and do what i say", walter nussel instructed the new generation. "It’s a little too long", he decided, and to the regret of the children, shortened the tree by one more piece.

It did not take long and the numerous spectators could clap, the tree stood and could be wedged. Among the interested spectators was also a prominent one, namely richard bartsch, president of the government of central franconia, who admired above all the young talents. "Great thing, they are already born in burgstall as kerwaburschen and kerwamadle", he said with a smile. Bartsch reminisced about his youth, when he was also a member of the kerwaburschen and helped to lift many a tree into the vertical.

After an hour, the 30-meter tree of the local boys was up and running. The whole thing took an hour because kerwas songs were sung over and over again to the squeeze music of the worleins schorsch from emskirchen and then there was also a break for a drink.