Colorful eggs bring spring in hammerbach

Everywhere at the beginning of the holy week the centers of the villages are dressed up. Originally from franconian switzerland, the custom of decorating the fountains at easter has expanded since the 1950s. These fountains can only be decorated if the village community sticks together or if associations such as clubs and societies take care of the work involved. So also in hammerbach.

The goal of the activities is opposite the chapel the ortsmittelpunkt. Since 2003, when the carpenter’s workshop weller provided the fountain with a beautiful wooden arbor, numerous women have been busy giving the town square an easterly appearance. "This year we are already the eleventh time with it. It represents a great effort every year", means frieda pruckelmeier only.

Rosemarie kretschmer, frieda pruckelmeier, heidi eiden, manuela schaub, ute mieder, grete denzler, marianne leitermann, gundi gumbrecht and rita bucher help with the work together. In addition franz pruckelmeier is gladly seen to the support. All it is a request to make their village for the easter time more beautiful.

But before things could really get started, branches of spruce and boxwood had to be cut in the gardens for two days. Numerous trees and bushes had to leave feathers for this purpose. The garlands could then be tied from this the next day. The fresh green should remind of the spring.

Even before the decorating could begin, the winter and its remnants had to be removed from the square. Dry branches and leaves had to be cleared away. In addition, the perimeter fence was covered a bit more.

Garlands with fresh greenery

"the winter has this year everything still firmly in its grip, not yet a flower can be seen in the square around the fountain", the women of hammerbach note. "So it’s good that we provide a spring-like appearance with the decorations."

The helpers arrived with ladders, wire and tools. The roof of the fountain was decorated with garlands. In addition, iron racks are still covered with the fresh greenery. They stand to the side of the fountain. Then the colored eggs are added. In hammerbach, plastic eggs are used, otherwise the losses would be too great, which would have to be replenished every year again. The eggs are all painted and thus have an individual touch.

The women are busy with their activities for several days. But their hammerbach is worth it. After all, those passing through should get a good impression of the village. Fortunately, the women can store their tools in the old school of hammerbach. Because in the course of time a whole smorgasbord has accumulated.