Comedy in old rooms

comedy in old rooms

The summer theater with the actors of the disharmonie schweinfurt is an attraction at the castle that friends of comedy would not want to miss. Given on four days in the echter-saal, director bernd lemmerich saw himself in the friday performance of goldoni’s "the servant of two masters" confronted with too few seats. Hastily added chairs solved the problem.

What is a servant of two masters? A confidant, an intimate, the best friend? Or is he a double agent, perhaps a whistle-blower?, a rascal who seeks his own advantage? Perhaps he is a little of each – like the servant truffaldino, the eternally hungry, but who keeps his knowledge to himself, because it pays to serve two masters.

Theater lovers are familiar with the comedy. For those who don’t know them, a short summary of the match. Florindo aretusi (conrad arendt) is said to have killed the brother of his beloved, beatrice rasponi (irene memmel), federico. He flees to venice. Disguised as a man, beatrice travels after him with her servant truffaldino (nicolas lommatzsch).

Unbeknownst to the lovers, they are staying at the same inn. Truffaldino feels badly paid and secretly also enters florindo’s service. He becomes the servant of two men and gets into numerous difficulties, from which he can save himself again and again. By chance, the two lovers, always squinting for the food, are reunited.

A parade role came the merchant pandolfa (viola fabretti) to. With italian roots in her name, she was a wealthy patroness, but also a woman with experience of life, who bluntly passed on her opinions on men and love to her daughter francesca – and to anyone who wanted to hear them. Love is a transient thing, solid ground under your feet – men with money and influence – is always preferable. A happy-go-lucky man who loves to sing and dance in italian against the backdrop of his carefree life.

Landlord tebaldo (gunther schafer), the owner of the "albergo, is to prepare the wedding feast for federico rasponi. Federico, he is dead? No, he is not resurrected, but his sister beatrice has disguised herself as her brother, which is soon revealed by the anatomical differences between man and woman. Tebaldo knows his way around italian cuisine and composes a princely meal, in which his favorite dish, roast pork with sauerkraut, is included, a rather unusual menu course by italian standards. Likewise his under-franconian tongue is not to be overheard. The leading role is of course played by truffaldino, the knowing but silent and always with appetite. Lommatzsch as a "little light" deserves the glory of having portrayed the servant of two masters in a convincing manner and with authenticity and pleasure in acting. His reward was – except for the eager blandina (sarah leipold), the landlord’s servant – sustained applause.

The double role as the lawyer lombardi and beatrice rasponi in disguise as her brother federico, demanded from irene memmel variability and certainly full concentration, which the actress mastered brilliantly without problems.

Francesca pandolfa (katharina gotz) as the daughter of the merchant – to whom the disguised beatrice makes herself known – silvio lombardi (maximilian ruckert) as the temperamentally sporty springinsfeld and the casually cocky florindo completed the troupe of performers in a seamlessly fitting interplay. A fair amount of praise is also due to director bernd lemmerich for his work with the ensemble and organization. Good entertainment within the time-honored walls, which he wished in his greeting, succeeded to the fullest satisfaction of the audience.