Eu commission gives green light for clinic

EU commission gives green light for clinic

The first meeting of the construction committee, which took place in the hospital, allowed district administrator christian meibner to take a deep breath. The reason: the eu procurement complaint filed by journalist marcus dinglreiter from burgkunstadt regarding the award of architectural services was dropped by the eu commission. Dinglreiter as operator of the www site.Kunstadt.Net had doubts as to whether the county authorities had acted in conformity with the EU when tendering for the architect’s services. Instead of renovation, the district council decided in 2009 in favor of a new building, but did not put the architectural services out to tender again. This meets with criticism in brussels.
"The response from the eu commission shows that we made the right decisions", said district administrator christian meibner. There was a compromise: what work had been done prior to the EU opinion was still valid. The remaining tasks were simply put out to tender again throughout europe.
"By retendering the architectural services, the building services, the outdoor facilities planning and the kitchen planning on a europe-wide basis, we have met the requirements of the eu commission", says meibner. The EU commission has now accepted this and terminated the procedure.
Decisions were also made during the building committee meeting. The members unanimously decided that the company goldbeck from erlangen should be commissioned with the construction of the parking garage at the hospital. The lichtenfels municipal utility company was also unanimously entrusted with the task of laying the water pipes in the area of the new replacement building. In total, the building committee has awarded contracts in the amount of 3.4 million euros.
District administrator christian meibner also reports that, due to the temporary parking spaces on the grounds of the hospital, there will be more parking spaces available than before, even during the construction phase. "We will also signpost these parking spaces in the next few weeks in a clearly visible manner with a parking guidance system", said the district administrator. In the meantime, everyone can see that the construction work is progressing.
Anyone who wants to see for themselves how the construction work on the hospital is progressing is invited to a citizens’ forum. The topic of parking space management is also to be discussed. It is to be completed before the groundbreaking ceremony on 24. October with the bavarian environment minister marcel huber will take place.