Flight attendants vote for strikes at lufthansa

Flight attendants vote for strikes at Lufthansa

A strike by the approximately 18,000 employees in the current collective bargaining negotiations is not imminent, because UFO has called for the 16. Lufthansa’s offer announced in august.

According to baublies, the union wants to send a clear signal of determination to the lufthansa board with the strike ballot, which ended at midnight, in the wage dispute that has been smoldering for the past year. 83.2 percent of those entitled to participate would have done so.

For legal reasons, UFO is only allowed to name strike targets that are actually covered by the open collective pay agreement, such as profit sharing or pay increases. Behind the scenes, however, the main issue is the planned restructuring of europe’s largest aviation group. UFO wants to prevent the permanent use of temporary stewardesses as well as the introduction of lower fare structures at the planned company for direct flights.

Lufthansa flight attendants have never gone on strike before. In 2009, there were two days of warning strikes lasting several hours, which led to flight cancellations and delays. These have shown that UFO is very well capable of making sensitive pinpricks, baublies said. However, he considers an enforced strike, such as in the metal industry, to be unrealistic. UFO wants to win on 17. August to announce whether to strike or renegotiate.