Fousa daughter with body and soul

Fousa daughter with body and soul

Steinberg – when the KJG in steinberg introduced annual carnival parades with decorated floats in the mid-1970s, alexander ohring was already at the "forefront" there. More than four decades later, the fousanochter still carries the carnival virus within him. After a few years as a deputy, he is now since 2002 at the head of the vereinsgemeinschaft steinberg, under whose sponsorship the "staaberche fousanacht" is prepared and held as an independent project.

The very first carnival evening in the village of the scrubber in the 1970s in the former event room of the town hall was very well received. However, when the new municipality moved into the town hall in 1978 and this room was converted into a meeting hall, there was effectively no longer a venue for dances or carnival in the town. Therefore, in 1981, the local clubs decided to hold the fousanocht on the open space next to the sports center in a specially erected and heated tent.

"It was a real event at that time, which was reported in many newspapers", ohring remembers a great supraregional echo. Father unger had the club boards meet in advance to plan a children’s carnival for the youngest. This gave rise to the idea of organizing a carnival evening at the same time as setting up a tent.

Hermann fischer, then chairman of the kiga support association, took the reins and organized a tent. He was also the first carnival president, while clemens nowitzki was the first to become the figurehead of the "heiligen-schrubber" hatched. After the two tent carnivals in 1981 and 1982, the carnival was moved to the bus company josef buckreus’ more spacious omnibus hall in 1983, where the carnival evenings were held until 1990.

The gulf war and the orders

"After the inauguration of the kronachtalhalle in november 1990, the carnival was to take place there for the first time in 1991", the chairman looks back. The decorations were already ready, but the carnival was cancelled because of the gulf war. In 1992, the kronachtalhalle was moved into – with the 1991 medal and a sticker on the back. The carnival was cancelled once again in the 80s and in 1998. 1997 there was only one carnival dance without a carnival evening. Since 1999, the carnival evenings have been held continuously.

Other presidents over the years were jupp engelhardt, robert sesselmann, gerwin zwosta and, since 2005, wolfgang fortsch. For a good 15 years, herbert agel has held the position of carnival representative.

"The office was established to reduce the immense workload of the association community and to create a fixed contact person for associations and active people", explains ohring, who now directs the carnival together with agel. The first preparations started in autumn; after christmas they were in full swing.

The development of steinberg into a carnival stronghold is – according to ohring – due to the dedication of countless active and responsible people in front of and behind the scenes. "All the clubs are active and lend a hand", he is proud. There are always people who want to entertain and make people laugh. One does not know new generation worries.

The youth makes him joy

The good cooperation of all generations in the village and among the carnival societies is also what he particularly likes about carnival. He is particularly pleased with the young actors who attend the rehearsals with great enthusiasm, rehearse texts, rehearse dances and contribute many ideas. 2007 a prince and princess were introduced in steinberg for the first time. Likewise there is for some years again on carnival sunday a children’s parade before the children’s carnival of the music association. On rosenmontag is "frack-sausen" announced as well as on carnival tuesday faschingskehraus with the TSV steinberg. There is hardly any time for the fousaughter to celebrate his birthday, as since the beginning of the week there has been construction work, decorating the kronachtalhalle and rehearsals.

Ohring’s day of honor often fell directly on a carnival evening. It was a special kind of congratulation when, about five years ago at the after-show party, the DJ played the song "here comes alex" at a very late hour and some of the actors spontaneously carried him through the hall onto the stage.

Experiences like these and the certainty that one does not have to worry about the new carnival generation are the best reward for his efforts.

"When I became community association chairman, I said I’d only do it if they held a carnival every year", reveals ohring. Well, once you’ve been infected by carnival fever …