“Iron” in the house of jaud

On 27. August 1954 – 65 years ago – hildegard and erich jaud said yes to each other in priesendorf. Now the two celebrated their iron wedding anniversary.

Erich jaud, who was born in neuhaus, already met his future wife at school. She moved from duisburg, her birthplace, to priesendorf in 1946 because her father took over her parents’ farm here. They hit it off while dancing and spending afternoons together playing soccer on the sports field. In order for the wedding to take place, the signature of the bride’s parents was still necessary at this time, and they were of course happy to give their approval.

Erich jaud learned to be a car saddler in bamberg, later he moved to the erba cotton spinning mill. The jubilarian remained loyal to this company until his retirement. Hildegard and erich jaud live in a three-generation house and are very happy that the family gets along so well and supports each other so well. Children and grandchildren care for and enjoy visiting the couple. They are particularly happy about their two great-grandchildren.

Erich jaud lovingly cares for his wife and does the necessary gardening work. Interest in soccer has remained, especially the jubilarian enjoys watching a good game.

First mayor maria beck and deputy district administrator johann pfister congratulated on behalf of the community of priesendorf and the district on the occasion of the iron wedding.