Monastery garden honored as cultural heritage on open monument day

The interest was huge at the open monument day in rattelsdorf. This was already pointed out by district administrator johann kalb (CSU) at the official opening in the monastery garden of the awo. Several thousand visitors looked at the monuments in the district on that day.

In august 2018, the renovation measures in the baroque monastery garden began with tree felling work. Afterwards the substructure of the paths and the lawn were renovated and new plantings were made. The two fountains were renewed. The sandstone piers with ball finials were renovated and partially rebuilt. With the installation of the metal fence, the work could be completed in february 2019.

Klaus stieringer, the chairman of the district association of the arbeiterwohlfahrt bamberg stadt und land, described the monastery complex with the home for the mentally ill as a wonderful institution. The monastery garden has now become a garden of encounter.

He thanked managing director werner dippold, who was instrumental in the purchase of the project in 2004 as well as the subsequent construction measures. He also thanked former mayor gerhard jager. The reorganization work was promoted among other things in the context of the leader project, the upper franconia donation and by the market municipality.

Afterwards, pastor reinhold braun performed the ecclesiastical consecration of the garden. He spoke of a good neighborhood between the church and the awo institution.

100 years in the monastery

The oberzell sisters were also guests. The franciscan sisters lived in the convent for over 100 years. They cared for the sick and the garden. The monastery also housed the kindergarten, which was attended by many generations of rattelsdorf children.

Mdb andreas schwarz (SPD) spoke appreciatively of the commitment of the awo. Here very carefully with the inheritance at cultural assets one deals and this inheritance for following generations to receive. The awo has made an important contribution to the preservation of cultural assets in the district of bamberg, said district administrator johann kalb, praising the renovation and the opening of the monastery garden to the garden of encounter.

High density of monuments

This is an upheaval and thus meets the motto of today’s open monument day: "modern: upheavals in art and architecture."

With the monument density rattelsadorf lies on place three in the district. The municipality is very eager to preserve its monuments and memorials, underlined mayor bruno kellner (VU). He was able to vividly demonstrate these efforts with the next object, the community gatehouse.

A good one million euros was invested here. Grants came, for example, from the office for rural development, the upper franconia foundation, the german foundation for the protection of monuments, the district and the preservation of historical monuments. The badly dilapidated building was gutted and renovated between 2012 and 2018. In its present form, the building dates back to the 18th century. Century.

Deontological examinations of old beams in the foundation revealed in 2017 that a building already stood here in 1446. Today, a club room is housed in the gatehouse and there are plans to set up vacation apartments. Photo boards by manfred jungkunz informed the visitors about the renovation work.