More and more contenders for may’s inheritance: threat of brexit arms race?

After british prime minister theresa may announced her resignation, several conservatives have already thrown their hats into the ring for the succession.

Over the weekend, environment secretary michael gove, recently resigned parliamentary affairs minister andrea leadsom and ex-brexit minister dominic raab officially declared their candidacy. Up to 20 tories are expected to compete for the job of party leader and thus prime minister.

Former foreign secretary boris johnson is considered the favorite. The 54-year-old had already positioned himself on friday immediately after may’s announcement of his resignation. He threatened to leave the EU without an agreement. He ruled out a further extension of the brexit deadline.

He reportedly sparked fears of a brexit arms race, with candidates outbidding each other on compromise in a bid to win over brexit hardliners among the conservative party base.

Foreign secretary jeremy hunt, ex-labor secretary esther mcvey, development secretary rory stewart and health secretary matt hancock also already declared their intention to run. Stewart, considered an outsider, clearly distanced himself from a no-deal brexit.

The EPP group’s brexit envoy in the european parliament, elmar brok, warned against a prime minister johnson. "If boris johnson becomes the successor and future head of the british government, he will let the transition period expire," the CDU politician told the "passauer neue presse" newspaper. Then it will be decided on the 31st. October a brexit without agreement give.

Brok predicts a catastrophe for the british economy in this case. " the british will lose up to ten percent of their gross domestic product. In germany we will lose only one percent."

May had announced in an emotional speech in london on friday that she will take office as conservative party leader on 7. June will deliver. A successor is to be chosen by the end of july, at which point she also plans to hand over the reins of government.

The multi-stage selection process is expected to be completed in the week of 10. June on. It is expected that up to 20 candidates will participate in it. First, the field of candidates will be reduced to two candidates by the tory mps in several ballots. In each round of voting, the last-place finisher is eliminated. The two remaining candidates will then have to face the party base in a primary election.

Great britain is to have a budget of up to 31. October to leave the community of states. But the withdrawal agreement may negotiated with brussels has been rejected by parliament three times so far. A solution is not in sight. If this remains the case, there is a threat of an abrupt end to membership with dramatic consequences.