Municipality lowers fees

After the enormous increase in the operating costs of the sewage treatment plant in 2016 and 2017, the hemhofen municipal council was able to pass a more pleasing resolution for 2018 and 2019 at its meeting on tuesday evening: the recalculation for the next two years does not result in the need for a fee increase. On the contrary: while the fee for wastewater remains at 3.08 euros per cubic meter, the cost of precipitation water has been reduced from 0.38 euros per square meter of sealed surface to 0.21 euros per square meter.
The municipal council also reached a quick decision on the award of wastewater services for the "Z 7 – zeckern-west" construction area between the grobkopf nursery and kaspar-lang-street to the miller engineering office.
A proposal from the green party regarding the bavarian state development program (LEP) caused somewhat more discussion. Monika rosiwal-meibner, who had drafted the motion, pleaded for an opinion on the planned changes to the program. Above all, the loosening of the linkage requirement, whereby commercial areas can no longer be located only in the immediate vicinity of villages, was a thorn in the side of the green councillors in hemhofen. The majority of the remaining council members, however, thought the amendment was sensible, primarily providing for commercial areas to be placed in easily accessible locations at freeway exits.
The council also rejected almost unanimously the idea that the permissible sales area, up to which so-called local supply businesses are exempt from the state planning sales area control, should be reduced from currently 1200 to 800 square meters in all municipalities. However, the majority of the council members considered the two remaining points of the motion to be sensible and decided to include them in the statement to the state ministry: future deviations from the existing LEP should not be able to be made arbitrarily. Hemhofen also does not want to endorse an indiscriminate upgrading in the central-location system, whereby more and more locations are being declared suitable as sites for large-scale retail projects.