Obama to the youth: don’t let granddads determine your future

Obama to the youth: don't let granddads determine your future

Former U.S. President barack obama has called on young people to get involved in the world and to get involved. Young people are being asked to change the world, and "you can change the world," obama said in berlin on saturday,

He affirmed at an event with young people at the ESMT private university: "you don’t let your grandfather or grandmother decide what clothes you want to wear or what music you want to listen to either. Then why do you let them determine what kind of world you should live in??"

Youth should have a say in political course. This also applies to environmental policy and climate protection. But that also applies when it comes to fighting global populism, he says. As in an appearance on thursday in cologne, obama avoided calling his successor donald trump by his name. But these statements are likely to have been addressed to the latter again.

The paris climate agreement was negotiated during obama’s term in office in 2015. Trump initiated the U.S. Withdrawal from the agreement as one of his first official acts. However, obama’s climate policy was also repeatedly criticized by the german side during his presidency. He also discovered the topic relatively late for himself.

Obama also addressed the problem of migration in europe and the u.S., stressing the need for sensible immigration policies worldwide. It is also about improving living conditions in the countries of origin.

If you learn from each other, you can change the world, obama encouraged the young people. Social media is the network that enables global understanding, he said. But this media would also have to be used for disinformation and could therefore also cause conflicts. Europe is doing well. It has one of the highest standards of living, good education and democracy. But: "we live in uncertain times." powerful forces wanted to destroy this standard.

Katharina schulze, head of the green party in bavaria, asked obama how he coped with the personal attacks against him. Both gave each other a so-called fist salute – known colloquially as a "ghetto fist" – at the event. Obama is known for this kind of greeting, time and again as U.S. President he had greeted people this way, for example employees and visitors in the white house or the former U.S. Vice president joe biden.

How he copes with personal attacks? He doesn’t watch programs about himself. He didn’t need to, because he had been there himself and knew what had happened, obama replied. The ex-president said goodbye with the words: "change the world."

The day before, obama had met with chancellor angela merkel for an hour-and-a-half exchange of views. The tense transatlantic relations are also likely to have been a topic of discussion. Obama kicked off his visit to germany on thursday evening in cologne at an event attended by 14 of the world’s leading politicians.000 participants.