Police report: disregarded right of way: 3500 euro damage in accident

police report: disregarded right of way: 3500 euro damage in accident

On monday, a 62-year-old female motorist drove onto the B8 from the exit of the A7 kitzingen motorway. In doing so, she overlooked a car with the right of way that was traveling in the direction of wurzburg. Both vehicles touched each other, causing total damage of around 3500 euros.

Telephone line ripped out

An unknown person tore out the telephone line attached to the outside of a single-family house in glauberstrasse in kitzingen and burned the antenna cable. The damage is estimated at 50 euros.

Kicked against wheel: 550 euro damage

Between friday, 27 august, an unknown person damaged a bicycle. July, and monday 6. August, in mainstockheim at the railroad station a bicycle, which was connected to the railroad railing next to the railroad shed. He kicked the frame and wheels, which were considerably bent. The damage amounts to about 550 euro.

Window smashed and facade sprayed

Between friday, 3., and monday, 6. On august 7, unknown persons broke a window pane at the rear of a company’s bicycle and pedestrian path on obernbreiter strabe in marktbreit and sprayed the facade of the building with reddish-brown lettering. Damage around 250 euro.

Bicycle thief investigated

A cyclist had parked her bicycle in front of the savings bank in neumannstrasse wiesentheid at 4 p.M. On monday afternoon. When the woman left the bank again a short time later, her bike had disappeared. While looking for her, she saw a young man riding away on her bicycle on the opposite side of the road. Based on the description of the person and a manhunt, the unknown person could be tracked down. The 18-year-old is now facing criminal charges for theft.

Bicycle stolen

An unknown person stole on friday, 27. July, between 7.45 and 13 o’clock, in the danziger strabe in kitzingen at the bicycle parking lot of the settlement school a locked black-orange mountain bike worth about 170 euro.

Hair dryer caught fire

In the sauna area of the swimming pool in kitzingen it came on monday evening to an employment of the fire-brigade. Due to a technical defect, a hair dryer had caught fire, which could be extinguished by a bathing guest before the fire department arrived at the scene of the fire with a deployment of ten people. Except for the hair dryer no other damage had been recorded.

Computer games make aggressive

Two 26-year-old men got into an altercation on monday, around 20.10 a.M., in kitzingen, while playing with the playstation, in the course of which one of them hit the other in the face with his fist. The man suffered a laceration. Both men were heavily intoxicated. While the victim heals his wound, a criminal complaint for assault is filed against the batterer.

Honest finder

On monday evening, a 20-year-old had cleaned his car at the grebner self-service car wash in dettelbach. Meanwhile, he put his wallet on the payment machine and forgot it there. The owner of the self-service car wash took the wallet and handed it over to the police. The young man was delighted to get back his wallet with around 1000 euros in contents.

Overtaking maneuver endangers oncoming traffic

A 26-year-old motorist was driving on the B 8 from iphofen in the direction of markt einersheim on thursday. Before reaching markt einersheim, a truck repeatedly hit the 26-year-old’s car at short intervals. In the no overtaking zone after the junction, the truck started to overtake and cut off the young man as he was pulling into the lane, forcing him to brake and swerve to the right. Oncoming vehicles, whose drivers are wanted as witnesses, have also been endangered.

Car driver wanted as witness

On thursday at 16.10 o’clock there was a dispute between two people at the entrance to the cemetery parking lot in friedenstrabe in volkach. A man had blocked the entrance to the parking lot with his car. An uninvolved vehicle driver wanted to enter the parking lot and could possibly have observed the situation. The witness is asked to get in touch with the police.

The police would be grateful for any information in the relevant cases. (0 93 21) 14 10.