Shortage of skilled workers slows down production at building materials manufacturer

Shortage of skilled workers slows down production at building materials manufacturer

The shortage of skilled workers is now also making itself felt at the building materials manufacturer rockelein. This was reported by company boss wolfang rockelein at the annual canteen party on friday evening. Production was therefore not running at full capacity – despite the "excellent order situation".

According to rockelein, the company observes the markets and researches trends, but the company also sets its own standards in horticulture. Nevertheless, the company boss says: "we want moderate, careful growth."

The company also supports social projects. So on friday there was a tombola with christmas presents, which the company got from other companies. For two euros, employees could then buy a lottery ticket from the trainees – the proceeds will now go to the tafel erlangen food bank.

As was the case in the cafeteria, where a number of longtime employees were again honored. Andreas dresel, christine hertlein, alexander rehe and henry schroter were honored for ten years of service. Konrad dormann, wolfgang hirche, matthias huscher, andreas korbmacher and bianca langguth have been with rockelein for twice as many years now.

For 25 years in the company, wolfgang and christoph rockelein honored: georg benkesch, bo hu, erwin feuerlein, dieter franz, tilo grosser, alexander herzog and ottmar zenk.

Robert brodmerkel, jens kummelmann and gunter wagner have been with the concrete supplier for five years longer than that. 35 years of service: helmut badum, helmut denzler, karlheinz eichelsdorfer, konrad hops and theo kratzer.

Gerhard stirnweib and anita wachtler have already been in the business for 40 years. However, johann muller has been with the company rockelein for 45 years.