60 Years of loyalty to the fire department

60 years of loyalty to the fire department

A short and smooth annual meeting was experienced by the volunteer fire department platz. There were ten exercises in the past year, in which the exercise participation was better than in the previous year "but is still expandable", as chairman and commander gerald heinle found. The year passed without any operations, except for the removal of two traces of oil. "It was thus a completely normal year", said heinle. A big event, however, was the 140th anniversary celebration.
Deputy chairman norbert schmitt praised gerald heinle for his outstanding commitment "he was always there, some people could take an example from him." due to the large anniversary celebration the traditional nachkirmes 2012 did not take place exceptionally.
The christmas tree campaign was also a success. "We have sold all 100 trees", heinle was pleased. 2013 a slaughter bowl meal is in planning. Furthermore, the maypole is erected, fire department festivals are attended, nachkirmes are held and christmas trees are sold.
Mayor manfred emmert is glad that there were no serious operations last year. He also had positive news for the comrades: the financial support for the new fire truck has been approved by the government.
A lot was also done in youth work, which emmert emphasized. "I am surprised and pleased, what the youth achieves everything", said heinle, said emmert. Three gals were inducted into the fire department with a handshake: judith gran, lea herr and pia schlereth. Christine gran, deputy commander and youth leader, is also very proud of her eleven proteges. "Of twelve exercises, ten were fully attended", she stressed. Beside the jugendflamme badge and the knowledge test also the fun did not come too briefly. The young people were at the tent camp in hammelburg, at the holiday park and at the table soccer tournament in bad bruckenau. There’s a lot on the agenda again in 2013, including training for troop leaders.
Hartmut gran, stefan gesslein and patrizia zeller from the helfer-vor-ort group were also accepted into the fire department square. Achim kohlhepp, commander of the sponsor fire brigade geroda, is pleased "that it can finally start now." the hvo group currently consists of 21 members, with 14 belonging to the geroda fire department and seven to the platz fire department.
District fire chief volker hagerich informed about various innovations within the fire department and announced the dates for 2013, including a forest fire drill in july.