A serenade for lif-li 197

LIF-LI 197 is written on the sign of the new. The portable fire engine of the voluntary fire department of kosten received its blessing on saturday. Impressions on cohesion, volunteerism, financial and theological.

"I have done some research", says alfred bernhardt and adds: "we are the only organization that has god in its motto." what the catholic parish secretary is referring to is the fire department and its "god’s honor, the neighbor’s defense". It’s warm, it’s saturday, and it’s the final spurt in the national soccer league. Will bayern be champion or dortmund? Many may also be interested in this here in the dorfstrabe. Burning even. But they are still here, and not in front of the television, because of the spirit of camaraderie.

Alfred bernhardt has not yet moved, is not yet in the white robe in which he will perform the blessing of the new vehicle. He is still recognizable as a firefighter, but his sleeve badge bears a special inscription: psychosocial emergency care for the district of lichtenfels. But he will bless in his capacity as district fire department chaplain. It is unique in the county.

900 liters of water on board

The car is decorated with flowers. Almost like a bride. It can carry 900 liters of water, and it also has a light mast that will one day illuminate the site of its deployment as bright as day using LED technology. All the visitors are here because of him, also those from friendly surrounding fire brigades. 22 had been invited, 14 had sent. So the onlookers and firefighters sat under tents, so the smell of sausages and steaks hung in the air. Which distracts now nobody here: bayern munchen leads at this time 2:1.

Manuel bergmann is commander of the kosten fire department. One of several speakers on this day, to which u. A. Mayor andreas hugerich will also be among them. He goes into the more than 125-year history of the kosten fire department, the fire department requirements plan drawn up in 2016, from which the vehicle standing behind him is the result. "Six figures" it costs and counts in the 7.5-ton class. It had therefore already demanded kosten firefighters, who acquired an appropriate driver’s license especially for this class and familiarized themselves with the technology and the ability of the iveco. The "harmonie" choral society kosten sings and it seems as if they are serenading LIF-LI 197. Munich has just increased the score to 4:1. This is not a topic here.

Alfred bernhardt has changed his clothes. In a white robe, he approaches the vehicle, sprinkles it with water and blesses it for its coming tasks. It is "important to him that all the people who use it are also blessed", he explains to our newspaper.

But what if the vehicle is retired from service one day – will the blessing then expire?? "No", explains bernhard "a blessing given lasts a lifetime". And he adds: "if god doesn’t help us, the firefighters will work for nothing."

Then the ceremonial is over, the iveco is put under the magnifying glass, opens and allows the looks of the onlookers to. Bayern munchen has become german champion. LIF-LI 197 is more interesting right now.