After boyle’s cancellation: james bond is looking for a new director

After Boyle's cancellation: James Bond is looking for a new director

Maybe the james bond producers should have known it wouldn’t work out with danny boyle.

"I’m really not the right type to make films like this," the director had said in a 2013 interview with the BBC broadcaster. "I’d rather work slightly under the radar than have the responsibility of meeting a certain expectation."The expectation of the producers barbara broccoli and michael G. Wilson apparently did not fulfill boyle with his 007 vision and now drew the consequences. A few months before the start of shooting, he jumped out due to "creative differences" – a unique occurrence in the more than 50-year history of the film series.

After the mediocre "spectre" (2015), many had hoped that the 61-year-old would bring a breath of fresh air to the bond project. The surprising cancellation of the oscar winner ("slumdog millionaire") caused disappointed reactions among fans – and comes at the worst possible time for the bond makers and their company EON. Filming for bond 25, the fifth and likely final film starring daniel craig, is actually scheduled to begin on 3. December start. Preparations are already underway at pinewood studios near london. Now it is completely unclear what will happen next.

Immediately after the announcement on tuesday, numerous candidates to replace boyle were traded in the international media, including many old acquaintances. Sam mendes, who directed the last two bond films "skyfall" and "spectre," will probably not be persuaded to direct again. The avowed bond fan christopher nolan ("the dark knight") is mentioned every time a 007 director is wanted. The brit expressed earlier this year that he’d "love to shoot one someday". But now as a stopgap? Hard to imagine.

Denis villeneuve ("blade runner 2049") was among the favorites before the choice fell on boyle. However, the canadian is currently fully occupied with the remake of the science fiction epic "dune" and is therefore out of the question. Another name now being traded again is yann demange ("’71"). British bookmakers even consider the frenchman to be the current favorite. But that does not have to mean anything.

Meanwhile, some fans are hoping for martin campbell, who has already proved to be a lucky find for the producers on two occasions. The 74-year-old helped both pierce brosnan with "goldeneye" (1995) and daniel craig with "casino royale" (2006) to a commercially successful agent debut. Precisely because he is very familiar with the secret agent, the new zealander seems to be an obvious solution. But it is just as possible that broccoli and her half-brother wilson have a completely different director – or director – in mind.

The descendants of original producer albert R. "Cubby" broccoli still faces another major decision. What happens after the boyle fiasco with the script by scottish author john hodge, on which boyle himself worked? They did not comment on this so far. Hodge is considered a friend of the director and has worked with him on many films, including "trainspotting" and "the beach".

According to insiders, there is still a second script, or at least a draft, for bond 25: it comes from the writing duo neil purvis and robert wade, who have written the scripts for all bond adventures since the brosnan film "the world is not enough" (1999). When boyle was engaged, he brought along his buddy hodge immediately. And the script by purvis and wade ended up in the drawer.

A change of script would be problematic. Casting, sets and locations – all this would have to be rethought and planned anew. That would be time-consuming. The start of the film, announced for october 2019, would then most likely have to be postponed. This also seems conceivable at the moment.