“Bum-bum”-kevin returns home

It all reminds one a bit of the story of tennis pro boris becker. Kevin krawietz from witzmannsberg can now probably understand how boris becker must have felt after his wimbledon victory in 1985.

The french open title winner was honored by the community of ahorn on wednesday evening at the "alte schaferei" received. Many media representatives, but also many friends of kevin krawietz had come together and created a perfect setting for the tribute to the outstanding sporting success. And in the middle of it all: a still beaming kevin krawietz.

"This doesn’t happen every day", father rudi describes the success of his offspring. From the very first match, kevin and his partner andreas mies had always fought and their fan community had always cheered them on. From the first game to the final, rudi krawietz, who had once been a very successful squash player himself, had worn a red t-shirt. Of course it was sweaty and had to be washed in between, rudi revealed with a mischievous smile. "But the father can only be the basis giver", coburg’s third mayor thomas nowak remarked somewhat jokingly.

Maple’s mayor martin finzel had the fan community and many "different" people, each of whom has a personal connection to the "success player" kevin krawietz invited to community reception.

There was a lot of applause when the "tennis star" entered entered, and michael stoschek did not miss the opportunity to welcome his "protege" to welcome with a friendly embrace.

Kevin has achieved this sporting success through perseverance. "The boy next door has achieved tremendous success", mayor finzel described this achievement.

Together, the fan community took a look at how last saturday went and the ambition with which the duo fought for victory. When they came out of the catacombs into the stadium, the atmosphere was unbelievable, as kevin described the situation. It had been an insanely fast game, according to kevin.

Is there a dating agency for fast players, martin finzel wanted to know?? Andreas and he have known each other for a long time and agreed to "give it a try". The two would have complemented each other well in the first tournaments and then also "dared" in the final game.

How do you train for such a fast game?? There is a lot riding on the matches and a good response is required, kevin noted.

Michael stoschek supports basketball and tennis, but how good is his backhand?? He plays tennis just as badly as golf and simply has no feel for the ball, the coburg entrepreneur and sponsor admitted frankly.

How to recognize a talent? In his lifetime, he has supported three athletes, according to stoschek. A portuguese in racing, dominik dinkel in rallying and kevin krawietz in tennis.

He encouraged kevin very early on, when he was 18 years old. "I am insanely proud of him". The finale was a hammering. Both players remained relaxed from the beginning to the last second.

Martin finzel wanted to know from kevin krawietz whether there are already any advertising offers in place. He had not thought about that yet. He received great support from his family, the brose company and michael stoschek, for which he would like to thank them all.

Former radio presenter and current district administrator sebastian straubel would have liked to host the final, even though he has never played tennis himself. "The region is proud of kevin krawietz", according to straubel. Since kevin’s home club is the weiss-rot-coburg tennis club, everyone would be talking about coburg’s kevin krawietz, said coburg’s third mayor thomas nowak. That’s why he also brought the congratulations of the city of coburg and asked for an entry in the "golden book".

"A frenchman has won", this is how eberhard frobel described it diplomatically. The head of the sports department hopes that kevin’s terrific success will fill the tennis courts and increase the number of members in the clubs.