Cigar store riegler takes over the city center post office

Good news for all those in hochstadt who have so far posted their letters and parcels in hochstadt’s city center. After the closure of the post office on the market square was announced, a successor has now been found for this service. From 18. August, the riegler cigar store in the main street will become an official partner branch of the post office.

The post office and postbank on the market square will open for the last time on august 30. June. This is what ralf palm, spokesman for the postbank, communicates in response to a question from the FT. A new post office is opening on inastrasse in a former supermarket, where bank customers can also do their business. In the future, the post office boxes will also be located there, as well as the pick-up station for items that are delivered when people are not at home. But also a collection in the cigar house is possible. To do this, however, you must specify this before the shipment.

In the future, the old-established traditional store riegler will have nothing to do with the post office bank. Here, the previous business field (tobacco, printed products and spirits) is expanded to include the classic mail items: stamps, letters, small packages. "We applied to the post office relatively early on, when it became known that the branch on the market square was going to close", says thomas schmidhuber, who runs the cigar store together with his wife ute. Soon there will be a post office counter in the right part of the store, with a sign with the yellow post office symbol on the outside.

For the schmidhubers, the focus was less on the financial aspect and more on customer loyalty. "A post office is definitely a customer magnet. Not just for us, but for all the stores in the city center", says ute schmidhuber.

Respect for the new task

however, the 36-year-old also emphasizes that she has great respect for the new task. "When a customer comes and wants to post a letter to china, it can be that you first have to see what it costs", says schmidhuber laughing. But she is sure that they will quickly settle in. A four-day training course at the post office is to help in this process.

39-year-old thomas schmidhuber also emphasizes that the postal business is completely new territory: "our core business is and remains clearly something else. We won’t have the competence of the branch at the market for a while. But we are pleased to be able to add a meaningful area to it. This certainly serves to increase the traffic in the entire city center."

The post office also emphasizes customer proximity: "it is important for us to be represented in the city center", says dieter nawrath, spokesman for the company. The volume of letters and parcels is large enough in hochstadt to operate a total of three partner branches. Because in addition to the riegler cigar store, there is still a post office in the kistner beverage market on the schwarzenbacher ring in hochstadt-sud. And soon, the post office on inastrasse.

What will happen to the post office building on the market square – owned for some time by the kreissparkasse – is still unclear. The fact is that the post horn will disappear there.