Experts confirm: a wolf roams through the district of kronach – animal falls into photo trap

This time it doesn't just look like a wolf, it actually is one: on the 19. May the animal triggered an automatic photo trap on rauschenberg, southeast of marienroth, according to the kronach district office. The hunter responsible for the area had sent the photo material to the bavarian state forestry office in rothenkirchen, from where forest district manager alexander kelle forwarded the image to the bavarian state office for the environment (lfu) in augsburg for checking. The expert assessment of the lfu as well as the documentation and advisory office of the federal government on the subject of wolves (DBBW) finally provided the proof: "now it is really a fact that the wolf has arrived in the county.", confirms kelle.

Wolves near kronach: previously only false reports

Whether the animal is a male or female, however, is not recognizable. It can also only be speculated at present whether more wolves are to be expected in the district. Since the animals can cover more than 60 kilometers a day, the wolf may have already left the kronach area. After alleged wolf sightings near tettau and kehlbach, which subsequently turned out to be false reports, this is the first clear evidence of a wolf in the kronach district.

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The individual hunting ground owners are requested to set up photo traps in their areas, explains bernhard schmitt, chairman of the kronach hunting conservation association. Should the wolf kill deer, rabbits or other wild animals, however, the hunters would not be entitled to compensation for damages. "Because wild is masterless", explains schmitt. The situation is different with flocks of sheep, for example. "Wolves are also not subject to hunting laws, but are protected by nature conservation laws." the forestry office will now keep its eyes and ears open for further sightings, says kelle. "We are not changing our way of working because of this."