Johnson in favor of new house of commons election in dec

U.K. Prime minister boris johnson has called a new election for the U.K. House of commons for dec. 12. December suggested. Here’s what he said in an interview with the BBC.

It had become apparent that parliament wanted more time to debate brexit legislation, he said. Mps could have the time but would have to agree to a new election, johnson said.

Mps are now expected to vote by 6. November will be given time to debate if they agree to a new election. "It is time for the opposition to summon up their courage and stand up for themselves to our common boss, the people of the united kingdom," johnson said. Chancellor of the exchequer sajid javid added: "we need an election as soon as possible to break the stalemate and decide the future of our country."

The government needs a two-thirds majority in parliament to call a new election on 12. December to bring about. This means that at least some of the opposition labour mps will have to agree to it. A vote in parliament is expected as early as monday. Parliamentary leader jacob rees-mogg put a debate on the agenda to that effect.

It is not yet certain that a sufficient number of labour mps will vote through a new election. Johnson turned to labour leader jeremy corbyn in a letter thursday asking for support. Labour MP valerie vaz said, "the labour party is ready to support a new election provided a no-deal brexit is ruled out."

Others showed more restraint. Independent MP anna soubry, who left johnson’s tories in anger over brexit policy, told the BBC, "there’s no way I’m going to agree to this."The leader of the welsh regional party plaid cymru, adam price, said, "the british government has no coherent plan to end the brexit chaos and a new election will not solve the problem."He added: "if his poker goes wrong on monday, he will have no option but to resign."

Another precondition for a new election is the agreement of the 27 other EU countries to extend the deadline for britain to leave the EU in an orderly manner. As it stands, it will expire on 31. October as of. In principle, there was agreement in the EU on thursday on an extension, but not yet on its length. A decision is not expected to be known before friday.

The EU institutions would not comment on johnson’s proposal on thursday. The EU commission said only that it took note of johnson’s announcement. It does not comment on domestic developments, a spokeswoman said thursday night. A spokesman for EU council president donald tusk also declined to comment.

Johnson had tried unsuccessfully to fast-track his deal negotiated with the EU into domestic law. Parliament rejected his timetable, after which he shelved the legislative package. Mps had feared johnson was trying to hide things in the "small print" that would not be noticeable on a cursory reading.

In fact, dissatisfaction with the deal is growing as time goes on. There is considerable opposition, particularly in northern ireland. Pro-british loyalists there feel abandoned by johnson over his desire to establish a customs border between northern ireland and the main british island. Police even fear a resurgence of unrest.

If the new election goes ahead, britain would probably also have to come up with a proposal to fill an EU commissioner post. Commission president-elect ursula von der leyen said thursday in helsinki that would apply if britain is still a member of the european union when her team takes office – now scheduled for early december.

More than three years ago, the british had voted by a narrow majority in favor of a divorce from the community of states. Earlier, johnson’s predecessor theresa may had already tried three times in vain to get the green light from parliament for a brexit agreement. She had fumbled when she called a new election to produce a more stable majority for her tories.