Last-minute win in top match: sv reitsch hopes for promotion thanks to linda querfurth

Last-minute win in top match: SV Reitsch hopes for promotion thanks to Linda Querfurth

It was the last chance for the SV reitsch, in the promotion race of the district upper league nevertheless still a word to participate. After a goalless first half against leaders spvgg ebing, everything goes according to plan in the second half for the runners-up in the table. Reitsch leads 2-1 until stoppage time. But then it gets really hectic and exciting again in the last few minutes.

SV reitsch – spvgg ebing 3:2 (0:0)

The top match of the bezirksoberliga held, especially in the second round, what it promised in advance. While in the first half no one wanted to make a decisive mistake and both teams initially concentrated on defense, the visors were visibly opened in the second 45 minutes. So came in the 5. In the 57th minute only a goal against the post after a free kick for ebing, while reitsch a promising opportunity on the other side did not play through and the goalkeeper had little trouble to defuse the deflected shot. Querfurth could have nodded in before the break after a corner kick, but her header went just over the crossbar.

SV reitsch managed better in the second half. It ran the 50. In the 75th minute, neubauer outran several opponents on the flank, made her way to the baseline and gave the ball to querfurth, who skilfully slid the ball past the goalkeeper.

More and more reitsch now shifted the game in the opponent’s half. Wachter had the next great opportunity, but it missed just. Shortly thereafter querfurth made it all before. With a body deception she left all opponents out and circled the ball into the far corner – 2:0 for reitsch after one hour of playing time.

Ebing didn’t give up and now tried to get into the game through the fight. They did not succeed at first. However, when a reitsch player in the 75th minute. Minute a quick counterattack when trying to block in the sixteenth touched with his hand, the referee pointed to the point. This opportunity did not let veteran sommer and reduced to 2:1.

Ebing now wanted more. They pressed for the equalizer to remain at the top of the table with a three-point lead. But reitsch remained focused and defended with skill. To p striker eberth was in good hands with kohler and fortschbeck and was unable to make a decisive breakthrough.

When already the four-minute injury time ran and all waited for the final whistle, ebing was awarded again a justified free kick. Twenty meters from the goal, near the sidelines: sommer showed all her class and circled the ball into the short corner. The SV goalkeeper was on the spot, but could not defuse the ball, so it was suddenly 2:2.

But reitsch would not admit defeat. Above all querfurth not. They should still get a half chance: wachter played querfurth at the right sixteenth corner, who shot the ball in the greatest distress from the rotation and in the fall on goal and this actually sank behind the goalkeeper into the far corner – 3:2 for the SV reitsch.

Ebing then even had another chance, but the ball went over the goal line. After the subsequent kick was then the end of a game that could not be surpassed in terms of suspense in the end. Now both teams are again equal on points at the top of the table. Rp SV reitsch: stocker, adam, neubauer, karatas (46. Wachter), kittel, schneider, muller, pfeiffer, kohler, querfurth, fortschbeck.

Spvgg ebing: gasseter, eiermann, trautmann, schneiderbanger, sommer, eberth, haublein, herbst (90. Will), gube, diller, zahn (70. Songs).

Goals: 1:0 querfurth (50.), 2:0 querfurth ( 57.), 2:1 sommer (75.), 2:2 sommer (90+2), 3:2 querfurth (90+3) / SR: k.A. / spectators: 55.