New man for regiomed

New man for Regiomed

The press release of the supervisory board chairman thomas mueller from wednesday is briefly held: "the supervisory board of the regiomed clinics gmbh has in its today’s meeting mr. Joachim bovelet with effect to 2. January 2014 appointed as chief executive of regiomed-kliniken gmbh. Its task is to work together with the management& consulting dr. Kobler gmbh to take over as interim managing director. With mr. Joachim bovelet, an experienced hospital manager, who has also proven himself very well in the municipal context, could be won over. Regiomed-kliniken has thus succeeded in taking a further step towards a future orientation."
Regiomed is a merger of seven municipal hospitals and their subsidiaries in the districts of coburg, hildburghausen, sonneberg and lichtenfels and the towns of coburg and schleusingen.

The district councils and mayors form the shareholders’ meeting and the supervisory board; this year’s chairman of the supervisory board is hildburghausen district administrator thomas muller (CDU).

Crisis in the hospital network
there has been a crisis at verbund for some time: at the beginning of 2012, the position of chief executive was created. But managing director katja bittner quickly made enemies, both among the shareholders and the works councils. So the head office was moved to coburg, although sonneberg is the headquarters of regiomed. In addition, there was an open dispute in the supervisory board in may 2012 about the decision-making authority of the chief executive when bittner wanted to dismiss the sonneberg hospital managing director antonius pille.

Finally, in august 2013, the supervisory board dismissed bittner without notice, against the votes of the coburg representatives.
Since then, at the latest, it has been clear to all the supervisory boards that the competencies in the gmbh need to be more clearly regulated. The supervisory board announced in november that a consulting firm, which would also take over the interim management, would help with this. But only a natural person – i.E. A human being – can become managing director of a gmbh, not a legal entity like another gmbh.
Joachim bovelet has already made some headlines this year: in february, he resigned as CEO of the state-owned berlin vivantes clinics, which he had headed since 2007.

He had previously been managing director of paracelsus kliniken.

Dispute with the senator
initially, bovelet’s management was still considered a success story; vivantes was in the black. But then the relationship cooled considerably: berlin’s finance senator ulrich nubbaum accused bovelet of mismanagement "questionable awarding of contracts, severance payments in the millions for executives, to overpriced construction measures and relocations", as stated in a report in the berliner zeitung of 16. February means.

Bovelet announced his resignation, first wanted two years’ salary (around 940,000 euros) as severance pay, then offered to stay again and finally founded his own consulting firm together with a former member of the vivantes supervisory board. However, this is not identical with the now also appointed management& consulting dr. Kobler gmbh.
There is hardly anything to be found about this consulting firm on the internet. However, the name martin kobler appears in the imprint of peritinos aktiengesellschaft, which is located at the same address as the management& consulting dr. Kobler and has almost identical telephone numbers. The business area is also the same: "our core competence is consulting in the restructuring, (re)positioning and realignment of hospitals and clinics", it says on peritinos.

Addendum: the investigation by the public prosecutor against the former vivantes managing director joachim bovelet on suspicion of embezzlement has meanwhile been discontinued due to a lack of suspicion of the crime.