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Murder in Berlin's Tiergarten - life sentence for 18-year-old

Almost ten months after the murder of an art historian in berlin's tiergarten, an 18-year-old has been sentenced to life in prison. The berlin regional court found him guilty of murder.

According to the report, the perpetrator, who is from chechnya, had surprisingly attacked, strangled and robbed the unsuspecting 60-year-old on her way home in september 2017. With small change and the cell phone of the strange woman he had fled. The court did not apply the more lenient juvenile penal code and complied with the prosecution's request.

The convicted man has a criminal record. He was already in prison for robbery. The 18-year-old – a russian national who was homeless and was supposed to be deported – had remained silent during the trial.

In an earlier statement, he had denied the accusations. He had found the body and searched for valuables. He left berlin for fear of being associated with the dead woman.

The man had been arrested a week after the crime in poland. He had been tracked there via his victim's cell phone. In cooperation with polish authorities, the man was arrested near warsaw and then extradited to germany.

The murder had triggered a renewed debate about how to deal with foreign criminals who should actually leave the country but are not deported. The widower of the woman had accused the authorities of negligence as a joint plaintiff in the trial. The chechen with a criminal record had been travelling unmolested in berlin.