Reinforcement for the coburg hospital

Reinforcement for the coburg hospital

In any case, professor stefan schwab is in charge of both the clinic in erlangen and VI. Medical clinic neurology in coburg. Now he has been introduced to the other chief physicians and the hospital’s top administrators. The construction with the shared chief physician position is also new territory for the university hospital, said schwab. "I am the guinea pig." both sides expect benefits from the close cooperation this will bring. Coburg can also offer neurology residency training because doctors can complete part of their training in erlangen. In addition, coburg is now connected to the research facility. "If you want to do research, you need top-class scientists", emphasized mario bahmann, the managing director of coburg hospital. Conversely, the uniklinik wants to create closer links with other hospitals, said stefan schwab.

Schwab is considered an expert in acute stroke treatment and intensive care medicine. In erlangen, he is particularly concerned with further improving the therapeutic options for acute stroke. He has known his coburg colleague professor johannes brachmann, an internationally renowned cardiologist, since he worked at the neurological clinic of the university of heidelberg. Schwab said that their cooperation in telemedicine ultimately led to the establishment of the neurology department in coburg. Brachmann also has the "stroke unit with set up, in which stroke patients are treated.

"Rebuilding a clinic is fun", says schwab, who can and will flexibly divide his time between erlangen and coburg. The governor in coburg is senior physician peter kuhnlein. Especially in the early days, schwab will come to coburg more often, hopes mario bahmann. The new chief physician even has childhood memories of coburg: his father grew up at the steintor, and he can remember visits to his grandmother’s house, schwab recounts. "And the bratwurst."

the new main department will have 30 beds, eight of which are assigned to the stroke unit. A chief physician, three senior physicians and seven assistant physicians will assume medical responsibility. By april, the necessary staff should be found and the new department fully operational, schwab said.

The new neurology unit is a gain not only for coburg, but also for the entire regiomed region, said katja bittner. "Every clinic needs neurological expertise." bittner is the chief executive officer of the regiomed hospital network. The districts of hildburghausen, sonneberg, lichtenfels and coburg have brought their clinics into the alliance. Joint administration, networking and complementary services are intended to secure the existence of all participating hospitals.

The network already has a shared chief physician position: professor johannes brachmann heads the cardiology clinics in coburg and hildburghausen. It has never been the case in bavaria that a university hospital and a municipal hospital share a chief physician position. In addition to his two chief physician positions, schwab is also active in an honorary capacity as president of the german society for neurointensive medicine.