Rvt middle school students from forchheim take extra dance lessons for graduation ceremony

The graduates of the ninth and tenth classes of the ritter-von-traitteur school (rvt) had every reason to celebrate in the jahnhalle forchheim.

The ceremony began with a ribbon dance by the students of the "dance" work group. This was followed by the official entrance of the graduating students, who then also opened the dance floor with three specially rehearsed dances. Extra dancing lessons were taken to shine on this evening.

After the ceremony, principal matthias huber welcomed all graduates, students, parents and relatives, principal klaus peter sunder, all teachers as well as the guests of honor, mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD), district administrator hermann ulm (CSU) and the director of the school district of forchheim, ulrich lohr.

In the speeches of the guests of honor and the principal, it can be summarized that every single student showed a lot of appreciation and praise for perseverance, whether during the entire school period or the examination phase. The young adults should always have their goal in mind and realize their professional dreams. During the speech of the student representative lisa kraus it became a bit melancholic. In a relaxed way, she raved about the daily school visits, which were sometimes a burden, but often just pure joy. They made friends, learned together, laughed and cried together. She could not hold back the one or other tear and thus infected her fellow students. As a thank you, she presented a small gift to the teaching staff on behalf of all the students.

Honoring the best

After the official part, the best in class were honored. The best in the ninth grade were florian fuchs, greta gogiqi, mirabella carbunar, adrijana kajtazi and alexander buttner.

In grade 10, helena lehmann and christoph bohm received a special award. Moreover, valton prekadini was the best absolvent of the german class.

101 students took part in the exam for the qualified secondary school leaving certificate (ninth grade), 82 of them were from the RVT school, the others came from the montessori school, and a total of 55 students passed the exam. A total of 55 students took part in the tenth grade M-branch exam, 42 of them from RVT, and 40 passed.

The class teachers ceremoniously handed out the certificates to their respective students. The entire event was accompanied by the school band, which, together with a teacher on the guitar, played a piece every now and then. With a line-dance performance by the graduates, the official part of the evening turned into the final ball with a party atmosphere and exuberant celebrations.