Change within the league: hartsch takes over mainbernheim

change within the league: hartsch takes over mainbernheim

It has been clear for some time that his time at SV hoheim, a soccer club in the district class, is coming to an end. Back in october, markus hartsch reported that his players would like to see a change in the coaching position: "the boys want to hear a different approach, just try something different for a change." after six years, this decision was understandable and no problem for the 57-year-old. "I felt really comfortable in hoheim, but I’m also really looking forward to the new task", says hartsch.

What his new task will be is now clear: starting next season, hartsch will coach TSV mainbernheim, which is also based in wurzburg’s kreisklasse 2 (district 2). "I had several offers", says the kitzinger. The reason he chose TSV is "a very simple story: I trained around 15 players from mainbernheim when they were young. The future trainer also knows the rest of the team very well.

For the club, the decisive factor was that hartsch "has been responsible for successful soccer and continuity in the coaching position for many years" stand. This is confirmed by the trainer. "I’m now in my sixth year at hoheim, i was also on the sidelines in altenschonbach for several years." thomas bergner currently coaches TSV, but will leave the club at his own request, according to the statement.

Clash in relegation battle?

Currently, both SV hoheim (11./(13 points) as well as TSV mainbernheim (13 points)./12 points) in the bottom of the table, both clubs have set themselves the goal of staying in the league. Piquant: the teams meet on 21. Matchday, on 19. April, on top of each other. What if hartsch’s SVH shoots his future club into the A-class?? "It was clear that this question would come, says the 57-year-old with a laugh. "This is of course a difficult situation. But i’m also professional enough to master it: i want to win with SV hoheim in mainbernheim", says hartsch. "But i also know how to behave. If this happens, there will be no jubilant orgy on my part." besides, he is sure: if one of the two teams is relegated, it will certainly not have been due to this one encounter alone.