Donation for first responders

Wolfgang harnauer, fire department commander and responsible for the "first responders", was pleased in hafenpreppach. He received 500 euros at the annual meeting of the voccawind fire department, presented by second-in-command sven junger.
"First-responder" is an institution that is used in bavaria for "first aiders" stands for first organized aid after traffic accidents or other accidents with personal injury, before the rescue service arrives. To the "first-responders are usually specially trained in paramedics or rescue services.
The fire department’s meeting place is the "bud’n voccawind." the money for the donation was also collected there. Wolfgang hanauer, who, together with three other "first-responders", was one of the first to be invited to the event-the generous contribution of the firefighters and their helpers. He explained the tasks of the first responders as a first responder in the rescue structure of the market town of maroldsweisach.

Life-saving help

mayor wolfram thein (SPD) also echoed hanauer’s thanks and pointed out that fast help in accidents can sometimes save lives. Thein also praised the donors and paid tribute to the firefighters from voccawind.
The new leadership of the fire department association was elected at the annual general meeting as scheduled. With tanja rockert, a woman now strengthens the management team. Thanks and respect went to wolfgang jung, who is leaving the board after 24 years of service. A look was taken at the upcoming festivities for the 40th anniversary of the voccawind fire department association. On 4. And 5. May this festival will be celebrated.