Organ must be renovated

The partial renovation of the old school as part of village renewal, broadband expansion, a new fire truck for 2020 at the earliest, new playground equipment, the conversion of street lighting to LED and friendly landscaping around the treading pool were on the list of mayor armin warmuth (CSU) for the district of feuerthal. This lovely wine town has also seen something of the rise in tourism from the bavarian gourmet town of hammelburg. The number of vacant lots in feuerthal and interest in new construction there is quite manageable, he said.

In the inn schultheis met the feuerthaler on wednesday evening to the well-attended citizen meeting. Local spokesman jurgen armbruster (no party affiliation) praised the great interest in this event: "instead of sitting outside at the barbecue, one squeezes oneself into the hall sweating in these high temperatures". The last citizens’ meeting had taken place three years ago. Warmuth confirmed: "the citizens’ meetings in feuerthal were always well attended.

"Why have almost all the playground equipment been removed in the middle of the season?", a local resident wanted to know. These devices at the playground could surely not all be broken at the same time. Those gathered were also interested in the water supply and drinking water quality.

Another topic was the core road network and the possible expansion of the secondary roads, which should be adapted to the growing size of agricultural machinery. Armbruster weighed in on whether the significant costs of building the road were proportionate to the benefits. Mountain bike trails also came under critical scrutiny.

Applause in the hall earned a complaint about the evening noise pollution from garden machinery from hardworking property neighbors: "must the lawn mower still run so late?". Should the cemetery receive an urn wall? Warmuth had rather a solution like in hammelburg in the focus, i.E. An urn field. In addition, there is a choice of different burial forms in the surrounding cemeteries, including tree burial.

Organ renovation

The village church came into focus under two aspects: on the one hand, repairs were due in the roof area. On the other hand, armbruster pointed out: "our church organ is starting to fail". A first cost estimate for the renovation comes to about 23,000 euros. This organ renovation is quite meaningful, it is nevertheless a high-quality handicraft art from the rhon.