Silver and two bronze medals

silver and two bronze medals

At the german open with 554 kickboxers from seven countries it meant a hard work for all fighters of the taekwon-do department pommersfelden to reach a podium position. Especially for mallika maliwan, who competed in an international tournament again after a long time. She fought her way through to the semifinals, but then had to admit clear defeat to ella boro. But mallika maliwan was very satisfied with third place, even though she knows that she still has a lot of training ahead of her if she is to make it to the top again internationally.
David herzog competed in both the seniors and the juniors – the latter mainly in order to qualify for the junior national squad – and took it in his stride that he had to fight many energy-sapping fights. First herzog had to fight in the senior category and immediately convinced with a victory over the hessian kevin trebing. After that the pommersfeldener eliminated rozman milos to compete again with timmy sarantouitis, whom he had last faced at the german championships. This time david herzog showed a good performance again, but the revenge for the defeat failed: timmy sarantouitis was in some actions always a tick faster than david herzog and it was clear that he has more fighting experience. Despite the new defeat herzog proved that he has shortened the gap quite a bit and was finally happy about place 3.

The wear and tear is too great

after a short break david herzog had to fight again in the juniors and after a walk-through he had can caya from austria against him. In this fight it went over both rounds full to the point, because can caya inspired by the victory of the first fight now also wanted to kick david herzog literally out of the race. But also the pommersfeldener wanted to reach the semifinals, fought at the limit and was rewarded with the victory.
One round further he met the strong hungarian tuykoti mate. In this fight the two regular rounds were not enough, because mate managed to equalize in the last second. So 60 seconds of extra time had to decide the race. Here, too, both fighters gave their all, but herzog landed the winning punch, which earned him the recognition of the hungarian.
The wear and tear on his strength became noticeable in the final. Against dominik meyer he was only one point behind at the end of the first round. But herzog was too slow in some actions and had to allow points of the opponent in own counters. When herzog got cramps in his left leg, the fight seemed to be over. After a short break he tried everything to make up for the two point deficit, but in the end neither time nor strength was enough to leave the mat as the winner. Herzog, however, had nothing to reproach himself for and was quite satisfied with 2nd place.

Decision at the last second

with laura zoberlein it usually doesn’t matter when and against whom she fights, because she always puts everything in the balance. But this time nothing wanted to go together. In the battle for a place in the women’s semifinals against dana ruger from switzerland, the pommersfelden native fell far short of her capabilities. Laura zoberlein kept the first round even, but in the second round neither attacks nor counterattacks found their target, even simple dodges were missed. The score was accordingly meager, which is why laura had to make do with sixth place.
Dominic heard had a really good start against the slovenian rozman milos, who had already taken on david herzog in the lower weight class. Dominic heard gained what should have been a clear five-point lead by the middle of the second round. What followed had never happened to the pommersfeldener before: he let himself be deprived of a comfortable lead and even the victory at the last second in a fight that continued to be of high quality. In the final account this meant a disappointing 13th place for heard. Place.