The laudators pay their thanks and respect to the field jurors

The laudators pay their thanks and respect to the field jurors

The annual general meeting of the field jury association forchheim was once again exceptionally well attended at the DJK weingarts sports home. Chairman bernhard mehl welcomed representatives from politics and various offices among the numerous guests of honor. The farmers’ association was represented by district farmer rosi kraus.

"Hospitality is a must for us, mayor konrad ochs (CSU) humorously emphasized on behalf of all his colleagues in his greeting to the jury members. He thanked them for their services. In the same vein, district administrator hermann ulm (CSU) expressed his thanks and respect. At the same time, he announced that the working group of the field jury association of upper franconia (argeof) had decided at its annual meeting to recommend an increase in the fee rates by 2.50 euros to 13 euros for the field jurors and by three euros to 14 euros for the head jurors. The district committee will approve the increase to 1. January 2020 and also recommend it to the county council. The increase is symbolic; for field jurors, honorary service is paramount, and there is agreement on that point.

The association has a total of 600 members, 430 of whom are active. Bernhard mehl was pleased about the fact that with manuela hermann from affalterthal a secretary could be found again and so the board is complete again. The previous secretary steffi sporlein left the board two years ago, after she had been transferred to erlangen on business.

Mdl michael hofmann (CSU) paid great respect to the members of the jury. Other federal states hired engineers for the job, they say that’s not a good idea. "You can handle differences much better on the spot", he said. His invitation to the bavarian state parliament last year found more resonance than expected. Not all came. Hofmann promised more trips in 2020.

Anton hepple of the office for rural development referred in his greeting to the many successful measures of village renewal in the district of forchheim, as well as ecological transformations in nature, for example in moggast. He thanked in this context for the commitment of the ADBV and the field jurors.

Finally, longstanding members were honored. Hans wehrfritz (hetzelsdorf), josef taschner (durrbrunn), anton simon (ebermannstadt) and konrad krug (gotzendorf) were honored for their 25 years of service. Oswald siebenhaar (brauningshof), hans schonfelder (urspring), werner kraft (pretzfeld) and hermann guthlein (langensendelbach) have served as field jurors for 40 years. Edmund roppelt (rettern) and waldemar hofmann (weilersbach) have been working on this project for 50 years. Edwin vollmann was appointed honorary member for many years of special service.

Thanks for prosperity

A lecture by christian kruse didn’t quite grab the audience at first. He mentioned documents of emperor heinrich IV., familiar places in their original names, went into the history from 1800, when land ownership records and surveying for tax purposes played an increasingly important role.

He also showed documents from the time around 1919, when in bitter need potatoes were scarce and the individual was allowed only 30 grams of meat per week. And suddenly the lecture was exciting, the audience became aware of the treasures slumbering in the state archives. Kruse concluded with a call to be grateful for prosperity, democracy and peace.