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Markus kubrich is the new shooting king

The junior shooter markus kubrich secured himself the title of shooting king in nordhalben this year . After one accomplished the proclamation in the past year on-line, could take place this year under application of the safety precautions the delivery again as usual with a common schutzenessen. With the proclamation carried out, one comes then also again into the usual rhythm.

The sociable round showed itself united despite competition at the shooting and was particularly taken with the honorary targets. Carina scherbel from neufang had conjured four super animal motifs with outstanding colors on the round wooden discs.

Last year's winner jonas ruf and manuel potzl are standing by the side of the new shooting king markus kubrich as knights. For the first time, luca stengel won the title of young rifleman king ahead of christian brehm as knight. Straw queen was marie-therese wunder and the honorary disc went to manuel potzl. The master series secured itself as in the previous year with a super achievement daniel strohlein. The best eagle low shot put down schutzenmeister harald miracle.

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Bundestag extends short-time work

Bundestag extends short-time work

Extended short-time work is also intended to prevent an extreme corona-induced rise in unemployment figures in germany in the coming year. On friday, the bundestag passed the so-called law to safeguard employment. This means that special rules on short-time working will be extended beyond this year until the end of 2021. Business associations and trade unions welcomed the. The opposition did not reject the extension, but nevertheless voiced criticism.

Federal labor minister hubertus heil (SPD) told the bundestag that short-time work had been used to safeguard jobs during the crisis, as few countries in the world had done. "Short-time work is currently our most stable bridge over a deep economic trough", said heil. In the USA, the word "kindergarten" has come to mean the same thing as in the past, the german term "the kurzarbeitergeld career. 1. In the crisis, higher short-time allowance than usual it was decided on friday that short-time allowance will be increased from its usual level of 60 percent of wages to 70 percent in the coming year, starting in the fourth month of payment – and from 67 to 77 percent for employees with children. From the seventh month in short-time work, 80 or 87 percent of wages should continue to be paid. All employees who are put on short-time working until the end of march 2021 are to benefit from the scheme. Mini-jobs up to 450 euros will generally remain exempt until the end of 2021. In october, the reimbursement of social security contributions during short-time work was extended into the next year by decree in order to ease the burden on employers. The maximum period for which short-time allowances can be drawn was also extended to up to 24 months. A law was needed for the steps that have now been adopted. Finally, it still has to pass the bundesrat, which has already made it clear that it has no objections.

The numerous special regulations on short-time allowances were originally to expire at the end of the year. However, the government does not yet expect the situation to ease, as it writes in the explanatory memorandum to its draft legislation. 2. Six million people are now on short-time work when companies run into difficulties and reduce the working hours of their employees, the federal employment agency (BA) steps in and replaces a portion of the lost net income with short-time work benefits. This is intended to bridge times of crisis without companies being forced to lay off people. Some companies and sectors are also topping up short-time allowances with their own contributions, so that the loss of income for employees remains low.

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Positive coronavirus test: test for pga tour

The multi-million dollar PGA tour in the USA is already facing its first major test at the second golf tournament after the corona break.

The US professional nick watney was tested positive for the coronavirus at the RBC heritage according to the announcement of the US tour. Accordingly, the 39-year-old did not play the second round and must now isolate himself for at least ten days according to PGA tour rules.

The five-time PGA tour winner had traveled privately to the tournament and still tested negative upon arrival. Then on friday he had felt symptoms and consulted a doctor. The U.S. Tour assured watney of its full support and announced it would implement its response plan in consultation with medical experts. Especially the people who had close contact with the californian were investigated. Then on saturday, the PGA tour announced via twitter that all eleven tests had come back negative.

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