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Art with the chainsaw

Strolling, enjoying music, looking, meeting people, raising money for the civic foundation. With the winkelmarkt, schlusselfeld’s historic marketplace will be transformed into an eating, drinking and meeting mile. At 10 o’clock starts the market hustle and bustle around the schlusselfeld marketplace. As every year, visitors can expect a colorful program of entertaining and informative activities and events, according to a press release from the city of schlusselfeld.

After last year’s success, a raffle will be held again this year. The proceeds will be donated to the "burgerstiftung" of the city of schlusselfeld, which supports citizens who are in financial need through no fault of their own. The foundation also supports targeted individual measures for children and young people as well as social projects in schools, kindergartens and youth welfare facilities. Raffle tickets can be purchased in the hut of the community foundation. All prizes can be taken home on sunday. The main prizes are a voucher from the travel agency of the raiffeisenbank ebrachgrund, a driving safety training course from the ADAC and fuel vouchers from the morelo company.

Pony rides and live baking

The "pferdefreunde schlusselfeld" offer pony riding for children on the meadow at the town gate. Johanniter unfall-hilfe offers measurements of blood sugar, blood pressure and body fat. The meeting place "unter den linden with second-hand store is open. A colorful children’s program is offered by the diakoniestation dreifrankeneck at its information booth. Wild bull riding for young and old with prizes for the best performance of the day at optik amann. The city bakery ley shows how delicious doughnuts and quark balls are made during traditional live baking. Entertainment music with "who’s that" rounds off the program.

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Outstanding musical performance of the kulmbach vocal ensemble tonart

The tonart ensemble performed a unique work on good friday evening in the petrikirche in kulmbach: heinrich schutz (1585-1672) composed the "musikalische exequien" for the funeral of his sovereign heinrich posthumus reub on 14. February 1636 in gera. During his lifetime, the prince had compiled a collection of biblical passages and hymn verses that schutz was to set to music for the funeral. His sarcophagus was also to be inscribed with a part of the texts. The "musikalische exequien", a work for 6, 8 or more voices and basso continuo, is considered one of the composer’s most profound creations.

The preserved coffin and the "musical exequia are impressive testimonies of reformatory piety from the time of the thirty years’ war. The prince laid down every detail of his funeral. The bible verses, which were a comfort to him in life and in death, should also uplift the bereaved. That is why they are the text basis of the funeral music.

Even the day of the burial in the tomb had been carefully chosen by the prince: the memorial day of the new testament prophet simeon. The words of which are recorded in the gospel of luke: "lord, now you let your servant go in peace" will be played at the end of the funeral music.

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Anniversary concert in zeil

Anniversary concert in Zeil

The catholic parish of saint michael zeil celebrates on christ the king sunday, 24. November, the tenth anniversary of the organ’s dedication. For the anniversary a special organ concert is planned.

In 2009, the new eichfelder organ was blessed in a festive pontifical mass by the then auxiliary bishop helmut bauer. The joy about the variety of the new organ did not stop with the day of its consecration. Rather, the organ has since sounded regularly in a variety of ways in concert and liturgy.

The consecration of the organ marked the beginning of the "organ concert series", which is unique in the hassberge district…So that st. Michael sounds" brought to life. Within the framework of this series, more than 250 organ works by over 100 different composers have been performed in 45 organ concerts to date.

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Swing legend coco schumann has died

My life was saved by music," coco schumann has said time and again. He meant it literally. Schumann survived persecution, two concentration camps and a "death march.

The self-taught musician, who performed in berlin basements and dance halls under the eyes of the nazis and played in theresienstadt and auschwitz on orders from concentration camp guards, died sunday in berlin at 93, his record company trikont announced monday, citing schumann’s family.

For a long time, schumann refused to speak publicly about his fate as a holocaust survivor. "I’m a musician who served time in a concentration camp, not a concentration camper who also makes a little music," he wrote in his biography "the ghetto swinger". The camps and the fear had changed his life, "but the music led it, and it did it well".

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Fousa daughter with body and soul

Fousa daughter with body and soul

Steinberg – when the KJG in steinberg introduced annual carnival parades with decorated floats in the mid-1970s, alexander ohring was already at the "forefront" there. More than four decades later, the fousanochter still carries the carnival virus within him. After a few years as a deputy, he is now since 2002 at the head of the vereinsgemeinschaft steinberg, under whose sponsorship the "staaberche fousanacht" is prepared and held as an independent project.

The very first carnival evening in the village of the scrubber in the 1970s in the former event room of the town hall was very well received. However, when the new municipality moved into the town hall in 1978 and this room was converted into a meeting hall, there was effectively no longer a venue for dances or carnival in the town. Therefore, in 1981, the local clubs decided to hold the fousanocht on the open space next to the sports center in a specially erected and heated tent.

"It was a real event at that time, which was reported in many newspapers", ohring remembers a great supraregional echo. Father unger had the club boards meet in advance to plan a children’s carnival for the youngest. This gave rise to the idea of organizing a carnival evening at the same time as setting up a tent.

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Burgstall can count on its junior church workers

After the 43 local buschen and madle had brought the two trees from the galgenhofer forest to the fairground, the crowns were decorated by the offspring and proud mamas and papas.

"We have never been so many, this is a record this year", explained chairman jurgen hoffmann on saturday afternoon with a view to the singing kerwa boys. Then it was: "the new generation to mr. Nussel", already with the small ones the walter.

For the first time this year, the one-year "ortsburschla" was held kilian still on his mother’s arm, but next year, like three-year-old greta, he will be attaching the colorful ribbons.

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Ebersdorfer youth dances over the anger

On sunday the people of ebersdorf celebrated kirchweih in bright sunshine. The boys’ and girls’ society paraded through the village, then danced all afternoon on the historic anger. Before that, however, the "great waiter" had the trees cut down willi rentsch the ebersdorf residents, the mayor with his city council, the pastor, etc. High life.

Numerous onlookers and visitors were at the anger to admire the dapper girls in their historical costumes and the boys as they danced the three traditional dances waltz, polka and rheinlander over the anger. Of course the frankenwald musicians from windheim were in action again this year. These musicians have accompanied the traditional costume parade and the boys’ parade for many years and have long been an integral part of the ebersdorf church fair.

The efforts for this festival have been worthwhile. Already on tuesday after the ludwigsstadter schutzenfest the final began. From this point on, the boys and girls were in action almost every evening. This year’s preparations once again involved an immense amount of work.

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New beginning: choir community goes on extended summer break

New beginning: choir community goes on extended summer break

This year’s summer serenade of the astheim men’s choral society (MGV) was marked by farewells. On the one hand the choir community wants to reorganize itself after the summer break. On the other hand, choir director irene kratzig laid down the baton after ten years of intensive work with the men’s and women’s choir. Flowers, gifts and much praise accompanied the ceremony.

In his laudation, board member fred binzenhofer regretted the departure of the conductor. Despite his profession and additional choir conducting activities with two other choirs, kratzig had agreed at the time to take over the direction of the two astheim choirs. All in all, it was about 50 weeks with about 1200 hours of choir rehearsals (without public performances), in which they rehearsed new songs, taught the singers choir feeling and made the association the cultural carrier of the small community. "Your commitment, your love of choral singing and your loyalty to the mannergesangverein ran like a thread through all the years of your work," binzenhofer said in praise of the conductor’s dedication.

Paul werner, chairman of the mainschleife singing group, praised kratzig’s optimistic attitude and his great commitment over the past ten years. They had formed a choir that was certainly worth hearing and seeing. Regarding the community’s last performance for the time being, he encouraged those responsible not to simply throw the long tradition overboard, but to resume active singing under a new choir director after a period of reorientation.

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