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What should the energy future look like in dettelbach??

Solar energy is currently booming. Dettelbach’s mayor matthias bielek can also tell you a thing or two about it: "it feels like once a week, but at least once a month", according to the head of the town hall on thursday evening in the energy and environment committee, a possible project sponsor for a free-field photovoltaic plant is available in the town hall. The potential areas are already clear: either they have already been bought or a lease agreement has been reached with the farmer.

How to deal with it, what can the city perhaps do itself, can dettelbach’s citizens also benefit, and what to do in two recent cases? – the committee was asked to find answers to a number of questions, or at least to provide some direction. There were three lectures on the different aspects. New: an appropriate presentation can also be designed from afar – no one has to travel from afar anymore. At least two councillors who are not members of the committee attended the meeting from home on the computer.

Hassfurt is considered a model for many municipalities

"The pipeline to hassfurt is in place", said bielek, introducing the first presentation by norbert zosch, managing director of stadtwerke habfurt. Becoming energy self-sufficient, a distant goal for dettelbach, is something that hassfurt has obviously almost achieved "and is thus a role model for many communities", so bielek. And hassfurt does a lot: 13 wind turbines are operated there alone, there are large photovoltaic systems that produce a lot of electricity, and this must be stored somehow, because the energy is to remain on site.

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After boyle’s cancellation: james bond is looking for a new director

After Boyle's cancellation: James Bond is looking for a new director

Maybe the james bond producers should have known it wouldn’t work out with danny boyle.

"I’m really not the right type to make films like this," the director had said in a 2013 interview with the BBC broadcaster. "I’d rather work slightly under the radar than have the responsibility of meeting a certain expectation."The expectation of the producers barbara broccoli and michael G. Wilson apparently did not fulfill boyle with his 007 vision and now drew the consequences. A few months before the start of shooting, he jumped out due to "creative differences" – a unique occurrence in the more than 50-year history of the film series.

After the mediocre "spectre" (2015), many had hoped that the 61-year-old would bring a breath of fresh air to the bond project. The surprising cancellation of the oscar winner ("slumdog millionaire") caused disappointed reactions among fans – and comes at the worst possible time for the bond makers and their company EON. Filming for bond 25, the fifth and likely final film starring daniel craig, is actually scheduled to begin on 3. December start. Preparations are already underway at pinewood studios near london. Now it is completely unclear what will happen next.

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Unicef:up to 400,000 rohingyas have already fled myanmar

Unicef:Up to 400,000 Rohingyas have already fled Myanmar

The number of muslim rohingyas who have fled myanmar continues to increase. According to UN figures, up to 400,000 rohingyas are already in neighboring bangladesh, the children’s agency unicef said in geneva. The previous day, the number had been estimated at 370 000.

Thousands of people in need of help arrive every day. Among the refugees are, according to unicef, about 60 percent children. "The situation on the ground puts children at great risk of contracting diseases from contaminated water," the unicef representative in charge said.

The UN agency has now begun delivering water and sanitation supplies to the hardest-hit district in bangladesh, cox’s bazar.

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Media: ter stegen facing surgery and contract extension at barca

Media: ter stegen facing surgery and contract extension at barca

The 28-year-old is not only facing a difficult challenge in the champions league with FC barcelona, but also an important contract extension – and possibly also an operation. Ter stegen still has complaints about the patellar tendon in his right knee despite several treatments and is therefore considering having surgery, the trade newspaper "AS" and other spanish media reported on saturday.

However, the final decision on the operation has not yet been made, wrote "AS", because after the operation, according to doctors’ estimates, a compulsory break of three to four months would be necessary, which seems too long for the keeper. Before the possible intervention, the keeper wants to win the royal class with barca for the first time since 2015 in any case. To qualify for the mini-tournament in lisbon, the catalans will have to play on 8. August in the eighth-final second leg at home against SSC neapel (first leg 1:1) prevail.

At the same time, talks to extend the former monchengladbach player’s contract, which runs until june 2022, for another three years are reportedly continuing. The negotiations have progressed very well recently, wrote the catalan sports newspaper "mundo deportivo" on saturday. The club hopes to sign the new contract by the beginning of next season at the latest.

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Experts confirm: a wolf roams through the district of kronach – animal falls into photo trap

This time it doesn't just look like a wolf, it actually is one: on the 19. May the animal triggered an automatic photo trap on rauschenberg, southeast of marienroth, according to the kronach district office. The hunter responsible for the area had sent the photo material to the bavarian state forestry office in rothenkirchen, from where forest district manager alexander kelle forwarded the image to the bavarian state office for the environment (lfu) in augsburg for checking. The expert assessment of the lfu as well as the documentation and advisory office of the federal government on the subject of wolves (DBBW) finally provided the proof: "now it is really a fact that the wolf has arrived in the county.", confirms kelle.

Wolves near kronach: previously only false reports

Whether the animal is a male or female, however, is not recognizable. It can also only be speculated at present whether more wolves are to be expected in the district. Since the animals can cover more than 60 kilometers a day, the wolf may have already left the kronach area. After alleged wolf sightings near tettau and kehlbach, which subsequently turned out to be false reports, this is the first clear evidence of a wolf in the kronach district.

More on this topic: shooting of aggressive wolves to become easier

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The “coronavirus update” is back

The award-winning NDR podcast "coronavirus update" with christian drosten returns from its summer break on tuesday.

"New: in addition to the head of virology at berlin’s charite hospital, christian drosten, virologist sandra ciesek will also be a regular conversation guest on the podcast," norddeutscher rundfunk announced thursday. Drosten and ciesek alternated in the future in the conversation with NDR info science editor korinna hennig on a weekly basis.

Virologist and internist ciesek is working on drugs to combat covid-19: "since I worked as an internist for several years, I also know the practical issues of clinical patient care. I look forward to bridging the gap between these two areas of expertise to help listeners better understand around sars-cov-2." am 8. September, the professor of medical virology at goethe university in frankfurt am main will be heard for the first time on the NDR info podcast.

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Gleusdorf: forensic doctors exonerate doctor

If a home resident falls out of bed at night, it’s not yet considered a reason for hospitalization. And even in the case of fever, an antibiotic does not have to be prescribed immediately. These findings by two forensic doctors from the university hospital in wurzburg carry considerable weight in the gleusdorf trial before the bamberg regional court. The first count of the indictment concerns the death of a 79-year-old resident of the home in 2014.

Man died of pneumonia

The man died of pneumonia five days after falling from his bed. The illness was recognized by the home physician martin L. (all names changed) according to the available documentation on the day before the 79-year-old’s death. He then prescribed him a broad-spectrum antibiotic. "The decisions as to when what was given are understandable from a medical point of view.", one of the experts, the senior forensic scientist thomas tatschner, testified. There is no evidence that the defendants in the case of the 79-year-old are to be accused of anything from a medical point of view.

Michael bohnert, head of the institute of forensic medicine at the university hospital in wurzburg, agreed with the statement. Only to the cause of death documented by the home doctor, he stated: "he has found an acute coronary syndrome. This is always true in the end, but it is also not what is expected here. Pneumonia as the cause of death would have been correct." in any case, however, it is to be assumed that the death was natural, as L. Had ticked off.

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Private freighter “dragon” docked with iss

Private freighter 'Dragon' docked with ISS

"Capture is done," cheered the spokeswoman for spacex, the U.S. Company that built the capsule, in an email. Two hours later, at shortly after 6 p.M. CEST, the historic docking maneuver was completed and "dragon" was firmly parked at the ISS module "harmony.

"I don’t have the words to describe the elation and relief that all of us here at spacex feel," company CEO elon musk said a little later at the company’s headquarters in hawthorne, california. Now, hopefully, doubts have been dispelled that private industry can take over tasks that were previously only carried out by government space agencies.

Mike suffredini, nasa’s ISS program manager, classified the successful docking as a "pinnacle event" in spaceflight history at a press conference. If everything continues to go well with this test mission, spacex is scheduled to begin a series of twelve cargo transport flights to the space station on behalf of the U.S. Agency. In return, nasa has signed a 1.6 billion dollar (1.25 billion euro) contract with the company.

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Obama to the youth: don’t let granddads determine your future

Obama to the youth: don't let granddads determine your future

Former U.S. President barack obama has called on young people to get involved in the world and to get involved. Young people are being asked to change the world, and "you can change the world," obama said in berlin on saturday,

He affirmed at an event with young people at the ESMT private university: "you don’t let your grandfather or grandmother decide what clothes you want to wear or what music you want to listen to either. Then why do you let them determine what kind of world you should live in??"

Youth should have a say in political course. This also applies to environmental policy and climate protection. But that also applies when it comes to fighting global populism, he says. As in an appearance on thursday in cologne, obama avoided calling his successor donald trump by his name. But these statements are likely to have been addressed to the latter again.

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Flight attendants vote for strikes at lufthansa

Flight attendants vote for strikes at Lufthansa

A strike by the approximately 18,000 employees in the current collective bargaining negotiations is not imminent, because UFO has called for the 16. Lufthansa’s offer announced in august.

According to baublies, the union wants to send a clear signal of determination to the lufthansa board with the strike ballot, which ended at midnight, in the wage dispute that has been smoldering for the past year. 83.2 percent of those entitled to participate would have done so.

For legal reasons, UFO is only allowed to name strike targets that are actually covered by the open collective pay agreement, such as profit sharing or pay increases. Behind the scenes, however, the main issue is the planned restructuring of europe’s largest aviation group. UFO wants to prevent the permanent use of temporary stewardesses as well as the introduction of lower fare structures at the planned company for direct flights.

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