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Organ must be renovated

The partial renovation of the old school as part of village renewal, broadband expansion, a new fire truck for 2020 at the earliest, new playground equipment, the conversion of street lighting to LED and friendly landscaping around the treading pool were on the list of mayor armin warmuth (CSU) for the district of feuerthal. This lovely wine town has also seen something of the rise in tourism from the bavarian gourmet town of hammelburg. The number of vacant lots in feuerthal and interest in new construction there is quite manageable, he said.

In the inn schultheis met the feuerthaler on wednesday evening to the well-attended citizen meeting. Local spokesman jurgen armbruster (no party affiliation) praised the great interest in this event: "instead of sitting outside at the barbecue, one squeezes oneself into the hall sweating in these high temperatures". The last citizens’ meeting had taken place three years ago. Warmuth confirmed: "the citizens’ meetings in feuerthal were always well attended.

"Why have almost all the playground equipment been removed in the middle of the season?", a local resident wanted to know. These devices at the playground could surely not all be broken at the same time. Those gathered were also interested in the water supply and drinking water quality.

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Significant increase in training contracts

Significant increase in training contracts

The chamber of industry and commerce for upper franconia bayreuth recorded a noticeable increase in the number of training contracts in the first three months of this year in the kronach chamber of industry and commerce district. Their number rose from 62 to 101.
Bernd rehorz, head of the vocational training department at the chamber of industry and commerce, estimates that the number of apprenticeship contracts in the kronach district will rise to around 450 by the end of the year. "Unfortunately, quite a few apprenticeship positions will remain unfilled again in 2018, which will present our member companies with quite a few challenges again this year.", says hans rebhan, vice president of the IHK and chairman of the IHK committee kronach. Due to the shortage of young people, job interviews at companies are taking place earlier and earlier. Rehorz: "whereas in 2010 only 17 percent of all apprenticeship contracts had been signed by the end of march, in 2017 this figure had already risen to 24 percent." rebhan hopes however that in the area kronach nevertheless to the end of the year a plus with the new registrations will stand.
"In more and more companies, the increasing demand for products and services can only be met with a growing workforce. If companies do not find skilled workers, in the worst case they can no longer accept orders." vocational training offers opportunities for advancement "vocational training is characterized by practical relevance and a secure future, as well as excellent opportunities for advancement, rebhan makes himself strong for the training. An apprenticeship has long been an excellent alternative for high school graduates as well. "For those who do not yet know whether a degree or an apprenticeship is the better alternative, I recommend an apprenticeship." A course of study can also be a good follow-up to training. Rebhan: "A very good alternative is to continue your education while working." for a long time now, a degree as an industrial master has been on a par with a bachelor’s degree.
Vocational training is also a good alternative for people who have dropped out of university. "This target group has good previous knowledge, which makes them very interesting for the regional economy", says rebhan. "The next generation gets a new perspective and our companies can fill their vacant apprenticeship positions sooner." that’s why the chamber of industry and commerce for upper franconia bayreuth also offers special consultation hours in kronach for people who have dropped out of their studies.

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There is still much to do

From september 2017 to august 2018, 657 refugees registered as unemployed took up employment subject to social security contributions in the agency district of wurzburg. That was twice as many as in the previous twelve months. Sounds good. And yet there is still a lot to do – as the example of hossein sarwari and the company roku in kitzingen shows.

Stefan beil is the head of the employment agency in wurzburg. He is certainly right when he says that a job is not only important to build a livelihood. It is also an important step for social integration. "In order to promote professional integration, it is indispensable to qualify the people who have fled to us within the scope of their possibilities," says beil. "In the end, the region also benefits from this, because workers are urgently needed in almost all sectors."

Claudia roder-dehn and her husband jurgen dehn from the company roku in kitzingen need new workers. And they have had positive experiences with "their" refugee, hossein sarwari. Still, they wouldn’t hire a second employee with a refugee background at the moment. "The bureaucratic hurdles are simply too high," says claudia roder-dehn. The support they provided as employers was incredibly time-consuming and exhausting, he says.

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New building of the schlossbergschule yes, but where?

New building of the Schlossbergschule yes, but where?

With a clear preliminary decision of 13 points, the proposal for a new building of the schlossberg elementary school on the previous site prevailed at the municipal council. The alternative of a new building on a neighboring church property (five points) and a possible new building on the present sports field (two points) were only second choices. The equally expensive general renovation of the school as well as the new building on a municipal property in the north next to the building yard fell through as alternatives.

Officially, the municipal council will vote on the new building in its municipal council meeting on 7. July. The committee wants to decide on the location only after further examination of the content and after the purchase request to the diocese has been made.

Actually, it should have been a public workshop of the municipal council on saturday, mayor harald hofmann opened the almost three-hour event. But because of the still valid corona distance rules, there was no room for listeners in the school gymnasium. At the end of the workshop, the mayor hoped, the councillors would have formed an opinion on the general renovation or new construction of the elementary school and, in the case of a new building, on its location.

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The white fir should go back to hallerndorf

The old fir tree just stands there. About 35 meters high, with a trunk circumference of over four meters. A colossus when you look up directly in front of it. She inspires respect. The wind seems to brush reverently through the huge crown, the sun shines through the branches. The other treetops look up at it benevolently. A gentle whisper can be heard. Breathtaking, imposing, immense.
No wonder that this 300-year-old white fir is one of forester erich daum’s favorite trees. He likes to take children from kindergarten or school there on forest tours. Although there is a lot to admire in "his" forest forest. The area for which he is responsible, the "lower marrow", explains, covers an area of about 2000 hectares. The size corresponds to about 3500 soccer fields. But there are few fir trees, only about two to three percent are in the stand. Such old and large trees are a rarity. "The consequences of the great air pollution in the 60s and 70s and enormous pest infestation led to a great fir tree death in our country", explains daum.
That’s why the bavarian state forests have launched an action. The stock of white firs is to be increased through replanting. "Forest conversion towards the mixed forest is the magic formula. For tree species such as oak and beech, natural regeneration is the method of choice. A pragmatic remedy, because the forest renews itself. A pure spruce forest can be transformed into a mixed forest through selective thinning. However, as with lime trees and larches, the population of white pines is too small for sufficient seeds to sprout. Here you have to do it yourself.
In the case of the fir tree, this is particularly costly. The cylindrical cones, up to 16 centimeters long, stand upright on the branches and have to be "picked" from the trees become. Trained cone pickers perform this adventurous activity. In bindlach near bayreuth, the seed is processed and sown. After three to four years, the young plants can be planted.
In the forest area managed by erich daum, forester gerold schmidt is responsible for that. He has decades of experience and knows where to put the spade so that the tender little plants sprout. Now he is on the road every day with his special spade. 5,000 white fir plants will be planted this fall by the bavarian state forests in the "lower marrow" planting, because the taproots are important in the mixed forest. They are deeply anchored in the ground and can withstand even large storms, whereas the trees in a pure spruce forest would fall over like dominoes due to their shallow roots close to the ground. The project costs around 10,000 euros.
For forest conversion to succeed with the concept of natural regeneration and planting campaigns, however, the wildlife population must also be controlled. "Browsing in an overgrown deer stand is immense. That’s why it’s essential to hunt", the forester explains. Of course, protective fences could also be erected, but he sees this as impractical and simply too cost-intensive. He advocates a compatible wildlife population in the forest. "The district administration has just increased the number of deer that can be shot", he sees his ambition confirmed. The recently completed scientific studies of the tree population in his area also confirm that he is doing a good job. Every year, he plants between four and five hectares of new crops. An investment in the future and for future generations.
"Maybe in a few hundred years, children will once again enjoy the fir trees planted today", the 54-year-old muses while gazing devoutly into the treetop at his favorite fir tree. If only to be able to understand the meaning of the last stanza of the song of upper franconia: "you return once again and seek your youth, sing songs with joy, because you never regret that the firs sang you a lullaby, your love of home remained in your heart."

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Rvt middle school students from forchheim take extra dance lessons for graduation ceremony

The graduates of the ninth and tenth classes of the ritter-von-traitteur school (rvt) had every reason to celebrate in the jahnhalle forchheim.

The ceremony began with a ribbon dance by the students of the "dance" work group. This was followed by the official entrance of the graduating students, who then also opened the dance floor with three specially rehearsed dances. Extra dancing lessons were taken to shine on this evening.

After the ceremony, principal matthias huber welcomed all graduates, students, parents and relatives, principal klaus peter sunder, all teachers as well as the guests of honor, mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD), district administrator hermann ulm (CSU) and the director of the school district of forchheim, ulrich lohr.

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“Iron” in the house of jaud

On 27. August 1954 – 65 years ago – hildegard and erich jaud said yes to each other in priesendorf. Now the two celebrated their iron wedding anniversary.

Erich jaud, who was born in neuhaus, already met his future wife at school. She moved from duisburg, her birthplace, to priesendorf in 1946 because her father took over her parents’ farm here. They hit it off while dancing and spending afternoons together playing soccer on the sports field. In order for the wedding to take place, the signature of the bride’s parents was still necessary at this time, and they were of course happy to give their approval.

Erich jaud learned to be a car saddler in bamberg, later he moved to the erba cotton spinning mill. The jubilarian remained loyal to this company until his retirement. Hildegard and erich jaud live in a three-generation house and are very happy that the family gets along so well and supports each other so well. Children and grandchildren care for and enjoy visiting the couple. They are particularly happy about their two great-grandchildren.

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Police report: disregarded right of way: 3500 euro damage in accident

police report: disregarded right of way: 3500 euro damage in accident

On monday, a 62-year-old female motorist drove onto the B8 from the exit of the A7 kitzingen motorway. In doing so, she overlooked a car with the right of way that was traveling in the direction of wurzburg. Both vehicles touched each other, causing total damage of around 3500 euros.

Telephone line ripped out

An unknown person tore out the telephone line attached to the outside of a single-family house in glauberstrasse in kitzingen and burned the antenna cable. The damage is estimated at 50 euros.

Kicked against wheel: 550 euro damage

Between friday, 27 august, an unknown person damaged a bicycle. July, and monday 6. August, in mainstockheim at the railroad station a bicycle, which was connected to the railroad railing next to the railroad shed. He kicked the frame and wheels, which were considerably bent. The damage amounts to about 550 euro.

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Colorful eggs bring spring in hammerbach

Everywhere at the beginning of the holy week the centers of the villages are dressed up. Originally from franconian switzerland, the custom of decorating the fountains at easter has expanded since the 1950s. These fountains can only be decorated if the village community sticks together or if associations such as clubs and societies take care of the work involved. So also in hammerbach.

The goal of the activities is opposite the chapel the ortsmittelpunkt. Since 2003, when the carpenter’s workshop weller provided the fountain with a beautiful wooden arbor, numerous women have been busy giving the town square an easterly appearance. "This year we are already the eleventh time with it. It represents a great effort every year", means frieda pruckelmeier only.

Rosemarie kretschmer, frieda pruckelmeier, heidi eiden, manuela schaub, ute mieder, grete denzler, marianne leitermann, gundi gumbrecht and rita bucher help with the work together. In addition franz pruckelmeier is gladly seen to the support. All it is a request to make their village for the easter time more beautiful.

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